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view chinese.

Kennon asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
Is there anyone know how to view chinese and english in one page using IE4 in win98? I hv added all chinese encoder from View--Internet Options--Languages.  It doesn't work!
i used to use njwin in win95. But i know that win98 can do this without using other program.  But how?
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is that language support the same thing for ie4 and netscape?
Can u give me the address for the two browers?

If you install the chinese language support from IE4, it will add a new fonts 'MingLiu' to Win98.  By default, you can view chinese with IE4, but for Netscape, follow these steps:

In Netscape (I'm using 4.05) go Edit>Preferences>Fonts
Choose 'Tradition Chinese' for 'For the encoding'.
And 'MingLiu' for both 'Variable width fonts' and 'Fixed width fonts'.
When viewing a chinese site, just go View>Encoding>Tradition Chinese.

Chinese language support can be download here, but note that you *must* be using IE4 to open this page.

*Though you can view most of the chinese pages, some page with different encoding method, you still need NJWin, Richwin etc.


But what is View--Internet Options--Languages in win98 for?
Does it means that i can read all the added languages in one page without the choosing procedure?


Sorry, i means View--Internet Options--Languages in IE4.

It only means that these languages are supported, but the fonts is not installed by default.  You NEED to download it.  IE4 will automatically change the the page's fonts, but Netscape has to be manually set.

And no, you can not view a page with both say... chinese & japanese encoded at the same time.


Thank a lot.

1.inside HTML page code has classify the languages,in the webpage <head>,<meta charset=big5>.if charset specify as big5,it mean convert to Taiwan system,if charset specify as gb,it mean
convert to China-mean-land system.so if charset is not present
user can specify the languages.

2.if charset have specify as euro system,than chinese character in the html web page will apprear as unknown character.

3.if you browser didn't work,try to save the HTML web page,
than convert the html web page code "charset=euro" to
"charset=big5".than you brower will automatic convert to
Taiwan's chinese system,only after you have download chinese system from ie4active setup and upgrade you brower.or you can now view with NJstar/NJwin.
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