Get it to work..

I need help with this:
1. Just get it to compile in delphi 3.x
2. get it to compile and get the asm+inline removed - i guess it will be slow..
but dont mind that..

mail it to me if u can make it work:
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I compiled it and sent you

brainwareAuthor Commented:
Add as answer... so i can give points...

ps: if u can remove the bug - details: 8  and  render, so no skew up.. ill be very happy..

ps: ill mail you a directx version when/if i get it made..

86***720  :-)

Can you explain me bug in more details?

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brainwareAuthor Commented:
u need to submit as a Answer.. :)

the bug :  it crashes if i set  Details to max "8" and Render mode "R"
Invalid Floating point operation..

does not happen EVERY time..

brainwareAuthor Commented:
i have got 1 file from u so far..

but my server might be slow :)
but the first file was oki kewl..  
if you want the points before i go on vecation.. u better post sothing here as a ANSWER else i cant accept..

Answer :)

By the way. What does 'oki kewl' mean?
I cannot find it in dictionary.
Sorry for my English :)

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brainwareAuthor Commented:
oki - OK - okey - hmm just a way of speeking we use on IRC EFNET :))
kewl - cool - neat

ps: im danish..
brainwareAuthor Commented:
oki - OK - okey - hmm just a way of speeking we use on IRC EFNET :))
kewl - cool - neat

ps: im danish..
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