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How do I define a UNC?

sveta asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I have a Solaris machine connected to some WIn95 machines. I'd like to be able to see the Solaris in Win95's
Network Neighborhood.
How do I name the Solaris machine so it will be recognized by the other machines on the LAN and
where exactly do I define this name?
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      for that purpose you must install & configure SAMBA on your Solaris box. Along with that some services for SAMBA must be configured and provided for W95 boxes ( fox example users' home directories, disk pool or printer connected to Solaris box).
It depends what you need to be shared by W95 boxes.




Thanks but I know about that already what I need is some instructions how exactly to define the needed definitions.
All I want is the W95 machines to see the Solaris root directory. no other sharings.
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BTW it's samba-1.9.18p5-42.6 version

Are the machines on the same network? If not, you may have to
use the WINS capabilities of Samba.
It is quite simple just make your workgroup on your sun machine the same as the workgroup or NTdomain of your win95.

i.e. include the line :

workgroup = MYWORKGROUP

in the [global] section, in the /usr/samba/lib/smb.conf file
then you need to run nmbd (netbios name service, this is part of samba) on solaris
this should make your machine visible in the Network Neighborhood of win95 mahine.

basically you need a Netbios naming service running on solaris. Further if you would like to browse your root on solaris from win95, then you must run smbd server on the solaris machine. This allows solaris to share resources for windows.

both smbd and nmbd comes as part of the samba package.

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