Asus Dual Pentium locks up...

I Installed Windows NT 4.0 and Windows95 on an Asus Dual Pentium with internal
SCSI controller.
I have one problem: the system freezes and will not respond to any further input after
about 15 minutes.
This condition existed from I was installing, because I had to restart the installation
process several times due to the same problem.
I've tried other memory SIMMS, but the same thing happens.  It does not seem to be
associated with any particular application.  
I have installed the Service Pack #3 already.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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bentenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am glad you found the answer.

Steppings are the chips mask version number.  When bugs are found in a chip a new stepping with the fix is often incorprated.  Intel usually recommends that SMP systems have all the processors of the same stepping for smooth operation.

On Pentium chips (and most IA32 compatible chips) the stepping information can be obtained via the CPUID instruction.  If you want to know the steppings of your processors, I suggest you get a program that will return the CPUID information in detail (which should contain the stepping information).

I may be able to suggest one (will need some time to find one), if you cannot find one yourself.
Have you tryed asus's latest flash bios upgrade, they are always fixing and adding enhancments to there bios.  Can it be heat related, are you over clocking your cpus.  Does nt see both cpus.
have you tryed to adjust memory timmings?  Disable all shadow memory and video shadowing.
Did you verify that all of your hardware is NT supported?  See the Windows NT Hardware Compatibility List at:

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Your saying that you tried installing the operating systems and it would lock up now matter what? How far would you get installing before it locked up? Did you disable any virus scan that is built into the Bios? What other hardware components do you have in your system?

Try DISABLING the cache setting in the BIOS.  Internal and or external.
Is your cpu properly cooled? When having a dual, more heat wil come, so cooling is important. I think it might be the problem, sice it works good for about 15 minutes.
Second, Windows 95 does not support a dual chip, as far a i know.

What is the model # of your asus board?
He-he. Guys, forgot APM already ?

Enter BIOS Setup, Power Management and disable it completely.
Does it hang BOTH operating systems? Or just NT - NT is the only one that will use both processors.

Does it hang when you are doing anything in particular or just at random?
What speed are the CPU's, the memory, and what is the bus speed set at?  
Looks like it freezed denmarkw as well :)))
I have the same problem on a brand new system using the Dual ASUS Board P2B.... with two P II 400. My system locks even during harddrive access (connected via the internal U2W SCSI) at different positions. Sometimes it locks at NT-Setup, sometimes the error appears during DOS-Format of Drive C:
I sent the whole system back to my dealer. My memory is 512MB of 7ns PC100 Ram-Modules. I'm curious about the answer of my dealer. When the system is back, maybe I can tell you more.
I have the same problem with a Gigabyte 586DX board.
It has got nothing to do with cooling, APM or Asus.
The problem only occurs having at least one Processor with Stepping Nr. 3 (intel MMX 200)
Stepping Nr. 4 works fine (Stepping 4 is older! than Stepping 3)

denmarkwAuthor Commented:
I just got thawed out experts. I was trying to work on several tasks at the same time.
I think that's why I got sidetracked.
I have tried the following suggestions:

a.] Disabled the (L1 & L2) cache.      Result: System started to crawl !
b.] Power Management was disabled    Result: System still locks up !

These are the specifications:

ASUS P/I-P65UP5 Motherboard
ASUS C-P6ND Dual Pentium Pro CPU Card

I'm checking the configuration of the CPU board with the User's manual.

Thanks for your patience!
I appreciate your help. I don't have the option to return the system to the supplier.
I am located in Belize, Central America. A contact in San Fran. purchased the PC for us.

Denmark W.

What about the flash bios upgrade for your board?  There can be a bug in the bios that may be fixed with newer bios update.
denmarkwAuthor Commented:
I'll try the BIOS upgrade.
mbleicher: What is Stepping #3 & #4?
I have both Win95 & Win NT installed on the ASUS. The system locks up in both OS's.
This system was running Lynux before we reinstalled WinNT 4.0.
It was not locking up before.
The ASUS has a PCI-SC200 SCSI Card. Internal devices are as follows:
CD-ROM Drive & Jazz Drive & 3.5" FDD.
I've tested other RAM chips in the SIMM slots with no improvement.

Thanks for your help. I'll keep you posted!

denmarkwAuthor Commented:
I'm back for more ideas experts!
I flashed the BIOS with the most updated version (0213 08/19/97).
After flashing I reset the BIOS & Setup to the defaults in the BIOS Setup window.
After rebooting I get the following error:
RAM parity error - Checking for segment...
Offending segment:
Press F1 to disable NMI, F2 to reboot

The system still hangs though!

What else can I try, besides returning it?

Thanks for your help!

Denmark W.
I do not like the ram error that you receive, a parity memory error means that the ram can be faultly or flakey.
denmarkwAuthor Commented:
I found the problem...
The fans were not getting any power.
Thanks for all your support !
I would like to know what is stepping as per Bleicher's comments.
denmarkwAuthor Commented:
I would have appreciated more information on stepping!
Here is a page that describes issues with dual pentium stepping mixing:

Here is a CPUID identification program that provides stepping information:

denmarkwAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your comments experts.
I'll become an expert one day too!
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