Have you anyone of this modems?

I want to buy a Hayes Optima 24 model 4007 AM v 1.07 Modem,
or USR 14.4 model 276,
or a EasyData, EasyData 1200.
Have you any?

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theh95Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have USR 14.4 External modem I am not too sure about the model number, I have to check my inventories.

What is the purpose? Will any other modem work? I may have one of these, but it'll require some serious looking...

I have a USR 28.8 FAX/MODEM external, original books and box for sale if your interested. Offers?
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A Cardinal Connecta internal X2 modem is a hardware-copy
of a US Robotics Sportster X2 internal modem,
at a much-lower price -- about $65 US.  Cardinal's web-site
(http://www.cardtech.com) indicates that there
is a free upgrade from X2 to V.90, for this modem.
The Cardinal Connecta X2 modem has been repriced!
It's now about $45.
At that price for X2, why bother with a 28.8 modem?
fsimoAuthor Commented:
I need excatly those.

where are you located?
you'd be better off buying a Diamond modem. i've read in several places that this model of diamond's is like really good, but the price is a bit steep. i think it's about $200. i have a Zoom Faxmodem 56Kx, and i need to sell it. it's a k56 flex modem and comes with all the software, including Communicate LITE. However, i'd have to sell it for what i paid, $120. If you do buy a 56k modem, be sure that your local telephone company's phone lines can support such high speeds. I can only connect at 28800 bps. i think you should buy either the hayes or usr, but i would prefer hayes. their price is a bit high too. anyway, goodluck on your search for a modem.
fsimoAuthor Commented:
   The purpose is work with a specific type of device wich is very tested with those modems. Please if you are intrested write me at fsimo@usa.net

   I'm in argentina.
I have a US Robotics Internal 14,400 Fax Modem, but I'm not aware of any three digit part number. This one was copyright 1994, has a manufacture date of 10/95. Is there any other way to identify the specific modem you are looking for besides 276?
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