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My new HDD is detected in BIOS but not in DOS/Windows

gulrast asked
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
I installed a new HDD, and as i go into CMOS/BIOS to detect it, everything is fine. Then when i went into windows it wasn't in explorer so i tried add detect new hardware, it didnt find anything in it's search either. I even went into DOS to check for it and nothing new was there. Could someone please tell me what i should try next?
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When you run FDISK, can FDISK see the new drive?  Have you gotten that far yet?


i have 2 drives i am installing, one is another one i used to have on this pc to which it is not detecting in dos/windows but in fdisk it says its 2 partitions are non-DOS, do i have to reformat it?


If you don't need the data on that disk, you are best to FDISK and reformat it.  As long as it is detected properly in your CMOS before you start FDISK stuff you should be alright.  You want to be sure your select the correct drive to FDISK also!

Let me know if the fdisk was the answer as I beleive I mentioned that initially.

If you want to save that data, before you fdisk & format:
1) How are the drives set up on the computer? (Master, slave, Primary IDE port, etc.)
2) What Windows version are you currently running?
3) What version of Dos or Windows was on the drive which has been partitioned earlier?

Remember that versions prior to Win95B cannot access a drive that has been set up with FAT32.
Let me know if you need more.


oh, before i was running an old version of Win95, now i upgraded to Win98..My new HDD is my primary slave and this old HDD is Secondary master, i have a different one as Primary Master with windows 98 on it. i tested out what patedm said on a small partition(50mb) i had on it before deleted it and then created it again and it works fine...i guess i can get all the stuff back though i have most of it on cd-rom :) thanks
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