11th hour

why cant i play the 11th hour i have a trident provida 9685 video card it keeps saying linear buffer i have a pentuim processor and a goldstar cd-rom my sound card is creative labs sound blaster
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RayKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This has been a long known problem and here is the fix. I know it has worked for me in the past..hope it works for you.


That error message means your video card needs emm386.exe in your config.sys and it will not run 11th Hour from Win95. This problem is most common with Trident and Cirrus Logic video cards. You must run the game from DOS mode ( not Win95 dos prompt ), which requires your DOS CDROM, sound card, and mouse drivers loaded in your config.sys and autoexec.bat. Add the following line to your config.sys:

(If you're using Win95)

(If you're using DOS 6.22 or earlier)
Find the line containing HIMEM.SYS, then add this line as the next line:

"....linear buffer" ??
To save time in solving your problem, it will be helpful to know more about your computer.
Please list the components of your system that might apply.
(Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive(s), CD-ROM, Soundcard, etc.)
Please post your autoexec.bat & config.sys files also.

shakAuthor Commented:
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Could you give more details about the error message? What is the exact message?
In the setup of the game (if possible), turn off/detune anything to do graphics and rendering.  I have seen this message when the game setup has a spot to define the type of graphics or 3D graphics card.
Turn down the COLOR DEPTH of your video card.
Use the latest drivers for your Video card AND 3D card (Voodoo II).
Look for a game patch by the publisher.
what os are you running (version please)?
if win95 have you tried installing directx 5?
shakAuthor Commented:
where do i get dos cdrom from ih i don't have it and how do i tell if i have it
shakAuthor Commented:
it says emm386 not installed xms not present
where do i get that from i dont have any dos disk
and how do i get to regular dos all i have is win95 ms dos
you can edit the settings of any exe
right click on its icon, properties, program tab, advanced..., ms-dos mode, specify a new msdos mode.
just edit those config.sys and autoexec.bat files the way you want em and the emm386 that is in the windows folder will do it

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