List Box with multiple columns??

Hi !
I need help with this problem. I have a file(an excel worksheet) which has to be a  data source for a list box. How do I make the list box a multi column one so that all the columns in the worksheet can be displayed. Also, how can I write back the data from the list box to the worksheet. I intend to use the list box to sort the data

Thanks in advance.
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anthonycConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The listview control is part of Microsoft Windows Common Controls.  You should use this, but if you desire, I know how to make tabs works in a listbox as well.  I would recommend the common controls listview.
Use the ListView Control instead of the Listbox
Vignesh071498Author Commented:
Thanks for the tip. But I am unable to find the ListView control. Please help.

You can use a grid instead of a list, or go to third party list controls. VB list and combo controls support only one column.
Vignesh071498Author Commented:
Thanks anthonyc for responding. But, how do I add the items to the ListView control? Will the AddItem method work? Also,  after the items are sorted, how to add them back to the file? Could you give me tips? I really appreciate the help.

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