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How to stop debugger from hanging?

billsincl asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-01
Very often, when I say "Stop debugging" nothing happens.
I see the hourglass for a few seconds, then nothing.
To get back into modifying my source code and rerunning, I have to enter  Alt+ctl+del, and stop VC++ entirely. Then I lose my breakpoints.

I don't know if this is easy or not.

What causes this?
Is there a way to prevent it?
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Edited text of question

I have not noticed that behavior before and I do lots of "stop debugging"  (I'm really not that good a programmer :-)  ).  Under what curcumstances does this occur?  what sort of application?   What version of VC?


I have Visual C++ 5.0 Professional version, and I'm trying to debug a Windows console application. It happens no matter what the application is.

We're supposed to be able to modify the source code while it's in a "break" state, but I think this may have some bearing on the problem.
If I stop the debugger BEFORE modifying the source code, it helps somewhat. But that's a very poor workaround.

What happen when you choose "break" option in Debug menu?
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I have the same problem sometimes within an MFC outproc Comserver and it seems to happen(debugging the Server) if the client dies or the if I am debugging the client and the Server tries to call a function the Client implements for him (similar to IConnectionPoint but selfmade interface) while the client is breaked. (the server calles the client priodically (~ 50 times per second) So I guessed it has to do something with not responding Interfaces


I can't use the "break" option. I get the message "all threads are in system calls."

As  far as memory and CPU speed, I have a 200 MHz Pentium and 65 MB of memory.

That sounds like the heart of the problem.  Is there a reason they are all in system calls?  (like are they all waiting for events) Or is that a bug?

I actually have the same problem.  It only occurs for me when the program crashes (General protection, stack fault etc) and I click debug.  When I try to exit, it comes up with the timer, waits, timer disappears, and the debugger continues running.

I have a Pentium II 300 w/ 128 ram.


well, I guess so far no one knows how to prevent this. I may have to withdraw the question. I could call Microsoft, but they'll want $95. And they probably don't know either.
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