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Losing access to lpt1

dtarkir asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I have a client who has NT 4.0 workstations and a Novell 3.12 server with several print queues.  They are using the Novell Intranetware client.  The workstations are also part of an NT domain.  Some of the workstations have a local printer.  They have a DOS app that will only print to lpt1.  I can use a net use lpt1 command to redirect to the network printers.  However, when I issue a net use lpt1 /delete to switch printing to the local printer I lose access to lpt1.  I get a message that the device prn is not available.  

I have found that if I issue a net stop spooler and a net start spooler command I regain access to lpt1.  However, it appears that the users must be domain admins to start and stop spooler.  I have tried using policy/user rights for both the individual workstations and the domain to give them this right.  However, I can give all rights and they still cannot start and stop the service.
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As a troubleshooting measure can you try sharing the printer you have installed locally on yourComputer and then doing

net use lpt1: \\yourComputer\printer1

test printing to lpt1

and then net use lpt1: /d

test printing again

Another way of solving the problem is to make the users members of the print operators group.  This may allow the users to stop and start the spooler service.


Sharing the printer and then deleting it seems to work.  What is interesting about it is that you can't print to it untill you do the net use lpt1 /d.  If you try to print after the net use the spooler just churns the system.

I will try the second option next week when I am back at the site.

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