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Connecting to SQL Server

Until last week, we used a foxpro db to store customer info. We have now switched to a 4.5 SQL server.

I would be grateful if someone could direct me to the right path for connecting to this database (sample code would be helpful). considering that I have very little knowledge in dealing with SQL databases.

I have heard of the DB Library for SQL servers, which contains VBSQL.OCX, which makes the process of connecting and handling queries easier than using API. We can I get the 32 version of the DB library?

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Well, I have never dealt with SQL Server 4.5, but in 6.X you can use ODBC and access it either through DAO, RDO, or ADO, including the associated data controls. I assume SS 4.5 has an ODBC driver.
Here is a function I use to connect using ODBC:

' Access & SQL*Server Database Variables '
Public dbWorkspace As Workspace
Public dbDatabase As Database
Public Function DatabaseLoad() As Boolean
  DatabaseLoad = True
  On Error Resume Next
  Set dbWorkspace = DBEngine.Workspaces(0)
  Set dbDatabase = dbWorkspace.OpenDatabase(DatabaseDSN, False, False, "ODBC;DATABASE=" & DatabaseName & ";UID=" & DatabaseLoginName & ";PWD=" & DatabasePassword & ";DSN=" & DatabaseDSN)
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  Call MsgBox("SQL*Server Error:  " & Err.Description, vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "MSI*View v" & gVersion)
   DatabaseLoad = False
End If
On Error GoTo 0

End Function

why SQL 4.5?  it's several generations ago.

mmahdiAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply but I was looking to use the DB-Library included in the SQL client developer kit, ie: use VBSQL.OCX and all functions from VBSQL.BAS supplied with the kit.


There is a comprehensive discussion with examples for using VBSQL (DBLIB) in the book "Hitchiker's Guide to Visual Basic & SQL server" by W. R. Vaughn, Microsoft Press.  Get this book and your questions will be answered.  Why, I bet you can get it through amazon.com, on the web!
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