IP Printing.

Conceptual Question.  Should be easy.

Any things to watch out when you do IP Printing on NT4 environment?  Any web site talk about IP Printing?

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davcosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as something to wathc out for.. what do you mean?  We have sent every type of file to all our printers with no problems, including text, graphics, raster data, and vector data from AutoCAD, Microstation, all the MS Office programs and numerous other graphics programs.  The only thing to watch out for is updated drivers designed for NT, that almost always work better than older generic drivers and drivers that were packaged with.

As far as web pages here are a couple that might help.

Review: Network Printing  - Internet Printing System Print to any printer on the Internet over TCP/IP Product: Internet Printing System for Win 95/NT. Other options include Personal Printer Service to print to any printer attached to a Win 95 machine running the IPS software, and DirectIP to print from your Win 95 MS DOS window.

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TCP/IP with NT 4.0  - on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. Microsoft Official Curriculum Course 688 TCP/IP is the standard industry protocol for sharing information between networks. Major Topics Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to set- up, configure, and test TCP/IP; assign a valid IP address to multiple TCP/IP host computers in different network environments;.


We have four HP Printers on our network.  When you add a printer to the workstations or server, all you have to do is specify the type of port (not LP1, LP2 etc) and type the IP address of the printer.  Our HP Printers came with HP JetAdmin that will go out and find the Network Id for the printer and return it to you setup dialog box.  Your printer should have a similar type routine.  The older HP650c prints out the Network ID the "Print Test Page"
chanvAuthor Commented:

I know how to add ip printer.. I was not asking that...  I was wondering if there is something special I have to watch out for..

Plus, do you mind giving me a web page which talks about ip printing, or related materials...

Thanks anyway, Davcos

The answer to this question probably depends on the type of print engine you will be attaching to (i.e. HP JetDirect, etc.)

I know that new HP JetDirect cards (ones that support TCP/IP) accept print jobs from Windows NT print spoolers using TCP/IP print services with no problems. I did have issues when trying to send print jobs specifically from NT spooler to a Fiery print engine that was located across a router on another IP subnet (i.e. printing within the local subnet was fine) and the problem was restricted to NT only. The problem turned out to be in the newest Fiery print driver for NT, switching back to the old driver fixed the problem (and EFI is now aware of the bug).

One "issue" to be concerned with is security. Most print engines (like JetDirect cards) don't have the capabilities of restricting IP packets. If you share an LPR port on you NT server, you can restrict what users are able to attach to that "share" but you may not be able to stop someone with a Windows 95 IP print spooler from directly attaching and printing their favorite GIF images to your expensive, high speed color printer.

There are new print servers out that fit in the palm of your hand, attach to the parallel port of your printer, that have a mini UNIX kernel inside that you can telnet to and configure. They are very functional and allow for a more advanced level of configuration/security.

Good luck to you . . .
chanvAuthor Commented:
Thansks davcos and mbreuker
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