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Posted on 1998-07-15
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
I have a VB application which I compiled and went through the application setup wizard.  I am using Access as the back-end database application.  When I install the program on a computer WITH Access installed but WITHOUT VB installed, my SQL Queries don't work (invalid call or function).  When I install the program on a machine with Access AND VB, it works fine.  I realize I am missing some .dll file, but which one or ones?  How do I go about finding this out?  Obviously the App Setup Wiz missed it.
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Check to see if the machine with Access but without VB has the following dll's...

DAO350.DLL (This one may be an earlier version of the data access library, such as DA0300.DLL or DAO250.DLL, etc.)


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I have given up on the setting up data access now, the only way to do it is to ship MSDAC_xx with your program and run that, it installs every kind of data access ms has ever produced.

There is a seperate 6MB install for 95, NTserver and NTworkstation, however there is a smaller 1.5MB xplatform version but I have never found it.

Now you only have to install your program and ocx's and vbruntime and c runtime and .........

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ID: 1465856
I'll check for the files, dfhaines, and get back with my results.  

Chris a ... what is MSDAC_xx and where do I get the 6 MB version?

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ID: 1465857
You can get them here:

From the looks of this you can download just the redistributable bit also which should be much smaller.

Just been reading the ADO2 blurb msdn send out and the new version out soon will combine everything into a single 7.9MB file (rather than 3 x 6 MB).

ps If you download the file and run it only to find you are confronted with a wide dialog, about 6 feet, you need to get the comctl32 update from microsoft also.


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ID: 1465858
It seems that the problem in my application is caused by the input box function.  I am searching the db for a name, first and last.  The first name inputbox comes up and the user enters a name.  "fname = inputbox( etc..." is my code.  When the user presses OK, I get the error, "Invalid Call Or Argument".  There is no SQL at that point and the user can say OK and get the inputbox for the last name.  Upon entering the last name,. however, he gets the same error and, answering that OK ends the program.  I have a feeling that this has nothing to do with my later SQL call, but rather something to do with the inputbox function, or some function it calls.  What do you think??

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ID: 1465859
Run Time Error 5 is the error.

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ID: 1465860
More points if anyone is able to answer this!!!

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ID: 1465861
Try working around the InputBox fx, do a form with the required items and make the strings public properties, you will still be able to access these after the form has unloaded since it it isn't really unloaded untill you set it to nothing.

This way is better because you have more chance to error check.

PS Remember to protect yourself from the user entering ' or " in the string.

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