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I have a presentation in Powerpoint 97 with a Slide Master Graphic and Design in place. I want to incorporate several other presentations to make a large one. I can't get the other .ppt files to come in with their current backgrounds and formatting. They automatically get the master slide background and formatting. How do I turn this off temporarily to get the proper backgrounds for the slides that I want to bring in?
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insert the slides it doesnt matter that they het the master formart, the go to the slide pattern, and give the format that you want to your slides, color, font, if you want inser images as logos,etc. All you put or change in slide pattern will stay as the master format for the hole presentation.

If you go to Tools Options there is an option called, Use smart cut and paste....

disable this and it should solve your problem.

Hope this helps

DannyHAuthor Commented:
This did not solve the problem.
Have you tried using a completly blank presentation then copying in the other PPT slides and finally copying in the PPT with the master.
make a backup copy of the presentation you want to add...now take the backup copy and edit the master slide to make it blank....or just standard format....now try importing the slides into the presentation you want...hope this works.  :-)
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