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I'm looking for a good windows api reference. In particular i'm looking for information about the ras api. Does anybody knows where to find one really, really good reference. I'd prefer it in spanish but that's not important. The most important thing is that it explains everything of the windows api, or almost everything.
can anybody help me? thank you.
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DavidMartinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your  using VB then the best API ref  I have found is Dave Applemans " VB5 programmers guide to the Win32 API" from Ziff Davis press.
I know you can get it in French, so I imagine Spanish as well. If you cannot find it in your bookstore, then you can get it in English at
Hope this helps
DavidMartin, your answer is a litle bit open...        ;-)
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good luck,
turinAuthor Commented:
thank you everybody,

i would like to give the points to iortega. You have help me very much. How can i give the points to you? I also will check the book that you recommend me, wford. I think i've seen it here in spain but when i saw it i didn't thougt that the API was so important.

just reject DavidMartins Question and ask Iortega to post one, but i would look for the book, it has all VB examples and is invaluable as a referance. The MS site tends to be very C based.

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