How to trace the visitor

Is it possible to write a programm to record the visitor's address (the last 10 or 20) who visited your web-page? And the record should be recorded in another html file. If yes, how?
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SirCalebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a free service out there called "Extreme Tracking" which will do all of this for you...this should do the trick for you..

This is really your only other option since you do not have access to the server...this service is very nice...I use it on all my Websites.  :-)
It is possible:

1. using CGI (Perl, ASP or whatever). The way it is done is usually by showing a "invisible" 1x1 transparent gif image, which is the result of a cgi-script. As the image is called by the browser, the script detects the visitors address and writes it to a file/database. A similar effect can be reached using SSI (server side include) but that is not supported by all webservers.

2. using the logfile of your server. The server logs the visitors addresses, there are programs that real time analyse the server log file (eg Webtrends), but you can also make one yourself.

The best solution in your situation depends on OS, server program, availability and knowlegde of scripting language, so if you want a more precise answer, you should give some details about that.
chenweiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer first.

I am using Win 95/NT. I have no entrance to our server. I know C. I am learning JavaScript. This is my situation at the moment.

If I could get the source code, it would be the best.
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If you can't get to the server, you can't write to a file.
Javascript has no file I/O capabilities.
You can only do it in C if you can get a CGI program onto the server.
chenweiAuthor Commented:
To SirCaleb:

Thanks a lot for your recommendation. It's wonderful!

To Slinky::
I've spocken with our system administrator. He is agree that I can put a CGI file by the server. So you could give me more information, or?
Thank you!
Great, I'm glad you liked my answer rejected or accepted?  :-)
chenweiAuthor Commented:
To SirCaleb:

Sorry, I forgot to give a commend to your answer. Your recommendation is excellent!
That is awesome....that service is the best thing since sliced bread..  :-)

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