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Web Browser control - any way to disable sub-menu

dgb001 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-03
I'm using a couple of web browser controls to create a help system, by using HTML. Only thing is that the user could view the HTML source by right-clicking on the web control, which I don't really want to happen. I know there is such a thing as compiled HTML, but don't really know anything about this or if it would be a solution. Really I just want to be able to disable the sub-menu. Thanks in advance.
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1) The web browser control may have a method which allows you to add/remove options from the context sensitive (right-click) menu. If so, then try using it to remove the option allowing source viewing - query the control's vendor re this option

2) intercept the right click when it is over the control & generate your own context sensitive (right-click) menu. If you find this difficult with a third party control then lay a frame or some form of transparent window over the co-ords of the control & it should be able to intercept the mouse. Pass through all events except the right-mouse.


Thanks for the input Immanuel, but there is no option as you suggested where you can remove/add items to the sub-menu - also, this is not a third party control, it's Microsoft's own ActiveX browser control which ships with VB5.

If you were to setup a handler which watched all the windows messages and cancelled a right-mouse click to the handle of the WebBrowser component you should be able to disable the menu completely.


I'm sure you may well be right, but I was really hoping for something a little more simple. However, given that I haven't any alternatives yet then I'd be interested to know exactly how I would go about doing this, not having played with window handles etc. But I appreciate your response, thankyou.

There may be an easier answer, but I think you would have to use something like SetWindowsHook with the WH_GETMESSAGE parameter and point it to your message filter.  You would then use something like PeekMessage in that filter procedure and remove any WM_RBUTTONDOWN messages going to the handle of the WebBrowser control.

Here's another solution. Try using the MS HTML Help program. It might do what you want your program to do. You can find more info at the following URL.



Thanks Jason, I'm not rejecting it (well only temporarily) - I'll have a look to see what the MS stuff is like - if I find it does what I want then we'll work a way to give you the points. The only reason I'm doing this is just so other people can have an opportunity to answer as well. Thanks again.

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Yes, that looks good, so the points are yours - though I'm presently unable to actually understand all of it. If you know how to actually get it to work then I'd be glad to know more. (ie. I assume that the function gets called from somewhere and that MOUSEHOOKINSTRUCT needs setting up before you do this, or maybe I'm missing the point somewhere along the line) - many thanks anyway.

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