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Cool Fonts?

somberlain asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-02
Any idea where I can get some cool fonts for linux.  I've been fooling around with customizing my X desktop but all the normal fonts are too plain.  If you know a Linux font archive I'd appreciate the URL.  What I'd like is a mix of cool fonts, Gothic, Handwriting, and maybe some that look really wild and tech-ish.  I installed all the fonts that came with Slackware 3.4 and setup my font dirs and i think I probably tried every single font but their just plain, and I like my stuff to look insane.


I'm setting this question to 50 but if you find me some really cool ones you get all the point I currently have at that time (so far 379).

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I've the same problem with my Linux some days ago. I've found an interesting software at sunsite that provide a TrueType Font Server under Linux. You can get the software at: ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/X11/fonts/Xfstt-0.9.9.tgz
This probally will resolve all problems.
Ps: You can get a lot of really cool fonts searching for "truetype font" at Yahoo!


I saw that program before too, but what I'm looking for is .pcf fonts.  Something that I could run in X and if I like it enough that I could maybe run in console too when I'm working in vi or whatever.

thanks anyhow :)

If you need to generate PCF fonts and you have a font server
(such as Xfstt) running, you can try using fstobdf and bdftopcf.
These programs should come with your X client distribution.
You can use them to create PCF fonts from TTF fonts.


hey, that sounds cool, once i get the fonts generated i wont have some extra server suckin on my resources then.  ill try that when i get home.  over the weekend i got some of those sharefonts off sunsite, that comicscartoon is like THE FONT i was looking for and didnt know what it was called, heh... the points are yours if that works when i get home.  just outta curiosity, does anyone know why when i installed the sharefonts, and i already ran "mkfontdir" and  "xset fp rehash" i still have to xset fp+ /usr/X11/lib/fonts/sharefont every time I boot up X or those fonts arent accessible?  I didn't have to do that when i gunzipped my Cyrillic and PEX and 100dpi and 75dpi fonts that came with slackware.  i just did the xset fp rehash and the mkfontdir and then those were accessible in console or X without having to ever run another command.... any ideas?

The problem you're having could be that your XF86Config doesn't
contain that directory. Try adding it. XF86Config is in
/etc/X11 on RedHat installs, but I don't remember where it is on
Slackware (maybe /etc?).


yep thats where it is, thanks.  im still at werk, gonna be about 5 more hours before i get outta here.


So did you try using fstobdf?
Did it work and do what you wanted?


yeah man! pretty cool.  I still like those cool sharefonts other than the winblows ttf's but I'm sure theres plenty of other ttf's out there to try out, lots more than pcf's heh.  here man, just post some answer and get ur points.  all my current points like I said.  
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My favorite I've found is the comicscartoon font, its included in the sharefonts package on sunsite.  its really cool and fits great with how i like my desktop.  it has random bold/caps fonts that really makes it stand out.  Not good for some things but, great in the afterstep root menu and winlist and titlebars.  In xterms and rxvt's I use sabvga and vga.pcf, in console I use vga.pcf to go with my new ansi bash prompt I found on freshmeat.net.  I gotta find some more truetype's and then maybe I'll change my theme =)
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