Diskette control error: 601

I am working with Compaq xl 590's. I have recently been receiving 601: diskette control error check options in setup.  But you can't get to the setup because the system  wants you to run the configuration setup utility(it won't let me in to the CMOS) . And I can't boot from the floppy to run the utility. I am stuck.

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theh95Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Go with semontgomery's comment, turn off SW1 switch 6.  Next thing, please check the floppy drive, make sure is Mode 3 drive.  check the Compaq spare part number on the floppy drive, make sure is 144207-001 or 144207-201.  One more thing check the cables again please.  If you not sure about your floppy drive, sent me your spare part number on the drive.  I can look into my Compaq tech. book and let you know what type of the drive.
SrArtemisAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Have you tried looking into the documentation to see if you can do a CMOS dump from the motherboard. This would cause your BIOS to give a noconfigured error that will allow you to get into the CMOS. You can also try taking the battery out and see if that works. If you have NVRAM then your going to need to know what the jumper setting is to reset it.

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Have you tried changing floppy cables, power supply, cleaning the drive, etc..?

This computer was built on the Compaq EISA configuration.  During bootup, when the cursur jumps from the upperleft corner to either the right or down, press F10 (you may have to just keep pressing it).  This will allow you into the CMOS (which is written on the harddrive).  Double check all your computer settings.  If they look good, then run the diagnostics program in there.  If the floppy still fails, you may have to replace it.

If, you cannot get into the BIOS still, it sounds as though your harddrive may be dieing on you.  These can only be replaced with the Compaq original (it MFM).
Hit F10 when the blinking Dot jump from Right upper hand conner to left upper hand conner during the power on.
Second way is removed system infomation by removed the CMOS jumper for about 60 seconds.  Don't worry about lost the infomation, because Compaq system will auto detect all the devices when you re-power on the PC, then you can press F1 to save the change, and change the Date and Time.

Let me know how it work SrArtemis.
SrArtemisAuthor Commented:
I am able to get into F10. When I run the system configuration it still doesn't recognize the floppy. I might try and replace the drive and check that out, but I don't think that is the problem. I have received this error on more than one machine. And as it stands these machines are sitting in the corner till I can find an answer.

How do I remove the CMOS jumper? I am not familiar with what you are trying to explain! can you be more specific

On the DIP switch (SW1) switch S6 to OFF.  This will erase the EISA configuration.
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