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Easy --- File Copy -- but urgent

Can anyone show me some code that will copy a file from one directory into another?
1 Solution
In which OS do u want it ...
 in windows theer is an API call CopyFile which will do it for u
In dos  in TC u can use SYSTEM comand to do that,
please give more explanation to u'r question please..
/* Error handling omitted */
#include <stdio.h>

FILE *file1, *file2;
int c;

file1 = fopen(<source filename>, "r");
file2 = fopen(<dest filename>, "w");
while ((c = getc(file1)) != EOF)
  putc(c, file2);
Err, those filenames actually meant pathnames.
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SteveWoodAuthor Commented:
mlev -- I Think this will only work for text files.  I need something that will copy any type of file.

Will be in a console app that needs to run on NT and 95/98.
I am using VC++ 5
SteveWoodAuthor Commented:
If anyone can provide me with an example CopyFile program that might be usefull to me, I could see if that does the trick.

mlev - If your previous answer proves correct I will give you the points.  I can't test it as it won't compile on my machine.
There you are!

What is the status on the strstr problem?

// A program to copy a file

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main( int argc, char *argv[] )
   if( argc != 3 ) {
      fprintf(stderr, "usage: MCP SRCFILE DESTFILE\n");
      return -1;

   char *pSrcFile  = argv[1];
   char *pDestFile = argv[2];

   // If you want the copy to fail if the destination file
   //  exists, set the next bool to true.
   bool bFailIfFileExists = false;

   // Copy the file
   bool bResult = CopyFile(pSrcFile,pDestFile,bFailIfFileExists);

   // You can do some error handling here... (check bResult)
   //  That is, bResult=false if an error occurred.  If so,
   //  use GetLastError()
   return 1;

mlev's example is as straightforward and simple as you can get, and should work or be very close. You mkight need to make the "r" and "w" into "rb" and "wb" to handle binary files, not certain which way it defaults. And of course you need to replace <source filename> with a path and filename string. Why doesn't it compile?
SteveWoodAuthor Commented:
Cheers chrisbill this works a treat.  
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