Paradox case-sensitive

Hi all,

When I do SQL searches using Paradox tables it returns only if I observe the case-sensitive feature.
Can I do queries without be case sensitive?

I hope to be clear

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Try to use UPPER() or LOWER() function (see help in localsql.hlp)

select * from animals where UPPER(name)='ANGEL FISH'

yep, like vladika's solution, use UPPER or LOWER. Zif.
Actually, if you don't have control of the search string (eg. user input in edit box) you should use UPPER on *both* sides of the equals sign.

select * from animals where UPPER(name) = UPPER(Edit Box Text)

This is what we always do.

Also, if you are only worried about one character in your string you can use:

select * from animals where name = '[Aa]ngel [Ff]ish'

This will return rows like:
'angel Fish'
'Angel fish'
'Angel Fish'
'angel fish'

I'm not positive this will work with Paradox local SQL but it works with several other engines and might be worth a try if it fits your needs.

Hope this is helpful!   :)
sergio_2001Author Commented:

I'll test yours hints.
Note that I doing dynamic query. 'Select * From Table Where Field LIKE ' + '"'+edit.text+'*"' '.

I'm using LIKE in my clauses. Can UPPER/LOWER works together.

You can use UPPER/LOWER in LIKE statement.
But you must use '%' instead of '*' and '_' instead of '?'
'%' - any character sequence
'_' - any one character


'select * from table
where UPPER(field) like UPPER(''' + edit.text + '%'')'


'select * from table
where LOWER(field) like LOWER(''' + edit.text + '%'')'

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