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mouseover popup hints

yfcbdn asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
How do you create an information/description popup box for a mouseover on an image/link?  Are ther browsers it won't work in?
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well you could do:

onMouseOver="alert('info description here');" within the <A HREF=""> tag
or you could do: onMouseOver="window.open('file.html','info')" also within the anchor.
As far as I know this will be supported by all javascript browsers (NN 2+, IE 3+), but I suggest against it because it gets really annoying when trying to navigate a site.

If you mean those little description text things that show sometimes when you move a mouse over an image, that's done simply using the alt property of the img tag.  That however will only work on 4.0 browsers.
It would look like: <IMG src="img.gif" alt="info description here">


I am actually looking for the effect Microsoft does on their search page (I am using IE 4)  I am wondering if their script is IE 4 only, or if it can be ported for other browsers, and then how they do it without the "greyed scroll bar and border" that you get if you define a text box in a form.

I am sorry, I don't understand what you mean.  I went to their site with IE 4, and saw nothing other than the usual alt tags for images.
Michel PlungjanIT Expert
Top Expert 2009

They either use
DHTML (Cascading style sheets and DIVs)
 it is scroll=no or scrollbars=no, cannot remember off the top of my head

MSIE 4 supports the TITLE attribut on most elements
like <A HREF="...." TITLE="This shows on mouse overs as a tooltip">Click me</A>

I suspect the last is what you have seen

Hope this helps,



The MS site I am referring to is their search setup.  The mouseover info boxes contain images and formatted text.  I am unsure whether they are using DHTML or a java script (I am still a novice eh).  Thanks for your guys input.
Michel PlungjanIT Expert
Top Expert 2009

Hmmm, I wonder what it takes to get an answer accepted here...

I cannot test it myself snce I do not have MSIE here, but to me it sounds like DHTML divs, window.open or perhaps an IFRAME, but let us know hwat it takes.



Okay - here's the site I referred to earlier, but I have only tried it with MSIE 4 .... http://home.microsoft.com/search/lobby/SearchSetup.htm

Mouseover the search engine links and the info box, in the defined spot, gives an image and information on the link.

Sorry to keep bothering you on this question.  I never meant for it to be a production as I thot it might be more straightforward.

That's dhtml...  very browser specific.  That sight doesn't even come close to working on netscape...
Here is My HTML without Javascript...

<a href="Alt.htm"><img src="../images/amconfus.jpg" width="195" height="419" alt="Here You are..."></a>

Is it what you want? I try it in NS4.x and IE 3.x and IE 4.x, the Popup box works well.

I know, It can be used in IMAGE only.

If you want the popup box display with Text/URL, there is no simple way in HTML/Javascript but replacing the Text by a Image.

If your text/url is generated by CGI dynamically. You will write many code vary hard...

Of cause, If you want your popup box contains a image, It's not easy, but you can try onMouseOver/onMouseOut...
I think you will meet the 'focus' problem.

threshold, that solution was already suggested and rejected.  Did you read the previous answers/comments?

What he wants is only available with DHTML...


now what - jbirk and mplungjan answered my question.  I guess one of you has to post some sort of answer so I can allocate the points.  Thanks for your input!

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