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How do u find string in a CListCtrl?

Haho asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-20
Hi guys, my question is how to do a search ( similar to SelectString in CListBox )
on a CListCtrl on the SECOND column ? This is becuase the FindItem member does not
have a column index parameter where I can specify which column to search for the string?
Pls. give an example if possible... :)

David Chong
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Look at http://codeguru.com/listview/listview_toc.shtml. There are so many examples for using a CListCtrl that there must be a solution for your problem.


I want to add something to the above answer:
Maybe you could use GetItemText() instead of FindItem() something like this:

CString s,search_string="Whatever you want to search";
for (int i=0;i<yourlistCtrl.GetItemCount();i++)
 if (s==search_string)
    AfxMessageBox("I have found it");

But some other examples you find in the sorting-section of the above web-site.



thanks atari but the above coding solutiuon does not seem very efficient becuase my program will search through quite a huge list ( 1000+ ) and it might be slow...
I am trying to find any MFC methods that will do the same job ( eg. FindItem ) but the (speed) performance must not be compromised.... :) Any ideas? Thanks a lot, guys

David Chong

Use the same FindItem function. The flag member LVFI_PARAM can be added along with other parameters to first member of LV_FINDINFO. Then cast a LV_ITEM object to lParam which is the third parameter in LV_FINDINFO struct.


Hi chacko,
   I have looked at the LV_FINDINFO structure but I am not sure what values to set.
If I have not forgotten, there is a index and a subindex field of the structure... can u give me a simple example ( take the second column to be searched )?? Thanks..  
right now I am setting it to LVFI_PARTIAL which is no good cause it searches the first column.

David Chong
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  Thanks for your help. I will go through your example ( and try to implement it )...
anyway, I have tested the first solution u gave me and the speed is acceptable , the only
worse thing is that my sorting ( on the second column ) using a custom function (recurvise sorting) is taking bout 4 seconds while the searching is less than or about a second...
so the problem here can be considered solved... the challenge now is to reduce my sorting time... !!! Bye.. :)

Have a nice day
David Chong

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