win95 setup error

TRying setup i'm stopped himem test says windows detected  registry config error.Files missing or corrupted DBL BUFF.sys and IFSHLP  Running scandisk scandisk cannot read from last cluster on c drive , drive c may need LBA ..check bios.then i geterror message su995038 invalid command option check command line . help.
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JonHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How big is your hard drive, and what's the manufacturer? Even better, give me the model. You may want to try bypassing everything but the needed CD-ROM drivers by hitting F8 and choosing to step through the startup process. If there's not an option to step through it, hold down Shift and hit F8 and then continue booting up to step through it.
As a last resort, the drive may need to be formatted - but you also said that scandisk had trouble on the last cluster. It could mean trouble ahead - as a last of the last resorts, buy a new hard drive.
Try running setup with /is switch
setup.exe /is and see what happens

1) Are you trying to run Win95 setup for installation on a new hard drive?
2) Have you first run FDISK to partition the drive?
3) Has the partition been formatted?
Please post your autoexec.bat & config.sys files here.

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