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Getting information about active/open windows.

Is there a way of getting information about active/open windows.  Say, I have five windows open.   From which 3 are maximized or original size and 2 are minimized.  Is there a way of getting info about the windows which are maximized/original size either when active or not?  If so how would I find out the info.  Please send me code.  Thanks.
What I want is to be able to shake those open/maximized windows.  So, say from those 5 windows, 3 are open and are shaking.  If I close/minimize one window, well..shouldn't shake and if I maximize or restore or open a new program, the window should start shaking.
Send the code please.
1 Solution
What exactly do you mean by 'Shake'?
kermit007Author Commented:
make them move around.  sort of like in a shaking pattern only random.
Do you mean windows only in your VB application, or windows in all applications currently running?

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kermit007Author Commented:
I mean all the application windows.  I know there is a way to do it.  I have seen it done, just don't know how to do it.
Try the follow function. Let me know if you have problems.

Declare Function GetActiveWindow Lib "user32" () As Long

Declare Function GetParent Lib "user32" (ByVal Hwnd As Long) As Long

Declare Function ShowWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal Hwnd As Long, ByVal
       nCmdShow As Long) As Long

Declare Function IsIconic Lib "user32" (ByVal Hwnd As Long) As Long

Declare Function IsZoomed Lib "user32" (ByVal Hwnd As Long) As Long

Declare Function MoveWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal Hwnd As Long, ByVal X As
       Long, ByVal Y As Long, ByVal nWidth As Long, ByVal nHeight As Long,
       ByVal bRepaint As Long) As Long
       Public Const SW_MAXIMIZE = 3
       Public Const SW_SHOWNORMAL = 1
       Public Const SW_SHOWMINIMIZED = 2

Function AccessMaximize()
       AccessMaximize = ShowWindow(GetAccesshWnd(), SW_MAXIMIZE)
End Function

Function AccessMinimize()      
       AccessMinimize = ShowWindow(GetAccesshWnd(), SW_SHOWMINIMIZED)
End Function

Function AccessMoveSize(iX As Long, iY As Long, iWidth As Long, iHeight
       As Long)
       MoveWindow GetAccesshWnd(), iX, iY, iWidth, iHeight, True
End Function

Function AccessRestore()
       AccessRestore = ShowWindow(GetAccesshWnd(), SW_SHOWNORMAL)
End Function

Function GetAccesshWnd()
       Dim Hwnd As Long
       Dim hWndAccess As Long
       Hwnd = GetActiveWindow()' Get the handle to the currently active window.
       hWndAccess = Hwnd

              While Hwnd <> 0 ' Find the top window
                     without a parent window.
                     hWndAccess = Hwnd
                     Hwnd = GetParent(Hwnd)

       GetAccesshWnd = hWndAccess
End Function

Function IsAccessMaximized()

              If IsZoomed(GetAccesshWnd()) = 0 Then
                     IsAccessMaximized = False
                     IsAccessMaximized = True
              End If

End Function

Function IsAccessMinimized()

              If IsIconic(GetAccesshWnd()) = 0 Then
                     IsAccessMinimized = False
                     IsAccessMinimized = True
              End If

End Function

Function IsAccessRestored()

              If IsAccessMaximized() = False And IsAccessMinimized() = False Then
                     IsAccessRestored = True
                     IsAccessRestored = False
              End If

End Function

kermit007Author Commented:
Thanks Dalin. :)
If I have any problems, I'll come back.  Thanks

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