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Stubborn Mmouse

TOPCAT050298 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
MY mouse acts erratic. It sticks and or seems to slip without
moving the cursor. I have tried cleaning the ball in soap a water then drying it but it still acts the same way.
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Is it an option to try another mouse, it seems that your mouse has gone south, Or you have a serial port conflict.  Look in device manger and see if there is any conflicts in any of the serial ports.

You may need to clean the rollers inside of the mouse.  Alot of times they get fibers from the mouse pad up in there.

How long have you had this mouse?

How long have you had this mouse?

semontgomery is right....you need to take a pair of tweezers and clean the lint off of the rollers inside....the lint prevents the ball from making contact with the rollers: "slippage"
This should do the trick...


Thanks to all for your solutions on the sticky mouse

If it is a Microsoft Mouse I have seen something else happen to them.  Inside, the rollers have a "fan" like disk that interupts the light signal on the "photo transistor".  The "sending and receiving" parts are protected by a black shell.  Sometime when the mouse has been dropped this piece comes loose and changes the alignment of the "sending and recieving" parts.  This cause erratic mouse movement like the "dirty ball and roller" problem.
mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery Manager

Do you happen to have the newest version of MCaffee Viruscan installed on your computer? If so, go into the configuration option and tell it not to run on startup and remove it from memory, it will be fine.


TOPCAT, did you get it fixed?  You said "thanks for the solutions."
Rowan HawkinsSystem Integrator

In addition, Dont use SOAP on the mouse ball, Soap is sticky to dirt, thats how soap works. To clean the ball, use warm water and a slightly rough surface. For example wet the ball down, and then ues either paper towels, your jeans, a shirt, an old but clean rag, or even the upholstery of you couch.

Also as a preveris person said, make sure the mouse rolers and light sensors are free from dust.  

The stuff on the ball and rollers is a dead skin and hand oil paste....yum.


Again "Thank You" for all the suggestions!!!! I have the problem fixed after trying the cleaning of the ball and rollers along with finding that I had a serial port conflict in device manager.
I cannot express how great this site is and all the great people that promptly respond to a problem. Thank you again
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