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Missing Subscription in folder

joshual asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
Help, I can’t see my subscriptions!

I can update my subscriptions but when I want to view them by going to "Manage Subscriptions", I just see the c:\windows\subscriptions folder opened with nothing inside.

When I add a new subscription, it will get updated but again I cannot find the entry in c:\windows\subscriptions. I have tried to create a new user profile but the problem remains.

Any suggestions from anyone?


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I am assuming (and you know what happens when you assume something) that you are running W95? Can you find them with a search? Or in Windows explorer? Just need some more information


Sorry for the omission. I'm using Windows 94 and IE4.01.
I can't find the url that should be in c:\windows\subscriptions.  It is not even in the registry!
and you have already checked your security settings to accept these, how long is is your e-mail program set up for to save  documents, etc. for?


Sorry, don't understand youe Q. What security steeing is there in Win95? If you are referring to the internet setting, which setting should I check?

What do you mean by "how long is is your e-mail program set up for to save  documents".

I'm referring to subscription in IE4
But you still couldnt find them in a search? or in Win/Exp?
Do you know the file names you want to find? sorry so many ?s just need the info to figure out what is going on.Try the search first and then look in Win/Explorer if that doesnt help or you dont know what I mean ask. If u do and that still doesnt help  then You did say you were running IE4 right, On your desktop right click on the IE4 icon and there are tabs at the top that show what the settings are. One is security high medium etc...,try it on medium, and then there is advanced(advanced is another tab at the top of the screen)see it? This page is a little different check to make sure the settings are right.

Are you sure you have any subscriptions at all? How did you add a new subscription, just to be sure? You have to go to Add Favorites, and choose Yes (default is No) to subscribe. Did you do that?


I got my subscriptions back!  I do not know what is the cause but I just set the security setting to Medium, from custom, and it is fine now. Maybe I have done something extra, don't really know. Reset it back to custom and it still works well.  The icon for c:\windows\subscriptions used to be an ordinary icon but now it is the one with a red tick. Whatever was the cause of my problem, I’m not too interested to restore from my backup and try to fixed the problem again. Still I like to thank you for your time in trying to solve my problem. Thanks.


On I  didn't see tuvi comment. Yes I do know how to add subscriptions. I must admit my problem is abit unique. I search the whole Usenet posting and read more that 100 msg regarding subscription problem and only found 1 person having the same problem as me. There was no solution give to him. At least not a Usenet posted solution. Thank for your time anyway. Bye!

I am glad you have your problem fixed..I figured it was in your settings about what you accepted   .
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  if you did know about the security settings in IE4 do not award me the points but if u didnt please send them, I have not been here long and could sure use them. But if I didnt help you I dont deserve them and I am glad you have got it figured out,tell the customer service to erase the question ok, glad to help if I did...


I did know about about the security setting. Nonetherless, you effort has to be rewarded. Thanks and see you around.
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