Win98 OEM to Upgrade

Can the inf files of the oem version be modified in some way so you can upgrade a system
having win95 already installed? For win95 OSR2 oem this was done by messing with layout.inf
and setuppp.inf in These files are in win98 also but the hack doesn't seem to work.
I am looking for an answer that will help me bypass the previous operating system check completely
and not a solution like renaming
Thank you all in advance.
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zaopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have heard that the method below works flawlessly when trying to upgrade w95 in osr-2 using an oem w98 cd.  It sounds like you are thinking along the same lines as the method I am describing, but I'll lay it out anyway for those that do not know the procedure.

1. copy all the files in win98 on the oem cd into an \options\cabs directory on the hard disk
2. extract layout.inf and setuppp.inf from into that cab folder
3. edit the setuppp line in the layout.inf to read setuppp.inf=0,,16482
4. edit the producttype line in setuppp.inf to read
5. rename your existing autoexec and config to something else
6. rename to something else
7. restart your machine in dos mode, change into the cabs directory and start the setup program (setup.exe not oemsetup)
your cd should not be in its drive

Supposedly it looks like setup is reinstalling an additional copy of windows because it defailts to the reinstall location "c:\windows.000".  However, if you change that to the location of the original w95 folder it will upgrade the machine to w95 and all the programs etc. should still be in the registry and everything should work as before.

I don't know however if it allows you to uninstall to revert back to w95; the reference I found does not make mention of that fact.

Good luck
surfaceAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Locate the file from the Win98 CD, extract all files from this file to a directory of your HDD, (C:\WIN98\TMP)

If you have Cabview, just drap & drop if not, use this command:
Extract /L /E C:\WIN98\TMP

Open up System.ini from the extracted directory, modify Shell=winsetup.bin to Shell=D:\Win98\Setup.exe (D:=cd-rom drive letter) save and exit.

Look for a file name Dosx.exe from the extracted directory, run this file to start Win98 setup.
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surfaceAuthor Commented:
For larbel:
Sorry but the answer you proposed, even though is kinda cool, has almost the same
effect like renaming
What I am looking for is something that completelly changes oem to upgrade.
I want even to be able to save win95 files so that uninstall would be feasible.

In win95 oem this was done by changing the 'producttype' field in setuppp.inf in I want something equivalent that works with 98.

Thanks for your answer....
Run the setup from wothin win95. This Win98 OEM will upgrade your system.
surfaceAuthor Commented:
For varun:
No. It will stop after finishing copying files needed for setup saying :
"There is an operating system already installed. You need to obtain the upgrade version"
My copy of Win98 is an early release version, but I just ran setup from within 95, and it installed fine.  However, if you have any PROBLEMS with 95, 98 will NOT  fix them.  Better to deltree windows and Program files and start with a clean slate....... IF you had any problems.  My 98 was crashing during the SCREEN SAVER.  I deleted it and started over, and no problems now.
surfaceAuthor Commented:
For hippopotamus:
I have already installed 98 in my system with a clean installation.
The query is for scientific purposes only..!!
I'd like to know the answer, myself, but I'm going to have to wait until a 98 oem falls into my hands, which it should within about a week <grin>. Once I get it, I'll be able to compare files, but for right now, it would be a serious task. I'll be keeping an eye open in case someone finds it before I do though.
Now I have a Win98 Full version,  and while it says it doesn't recommend upgrading when SETUP is run,  It will allow you to do so.  (And if it sees 95,  it will upgrade and not allow a dual boot),  so you might want to approach this direction if you see some docs on how to do it.
So you are trying to upgrade a system to win98 when it is already installed?  Or is it win95 that is installed?  With all this mess,  I suggest you reformat your system and install a clean upgrade.  It is worth it beleive me.  Have you tried making a win95 startup disk and copying all the files to c:\ dr over writing config.sys ect?
surfaceAuthor Commented:
Question recap :

System with win95 (OSR 2.1) installed.
We want to -upgrade- using 98 oem.
98 setup will stop at some time saying that we need to get the upgrade version.
We can overun this by renaming 95's and running setup from dos or
doing what -larbel- suggested but then we won't get the option to unistall 98.
We are looking for a trick that will make 98 oem perform exactly like 98 upgrade.
With 95 oem this was done by messing with layout.inf and setuppp.inf but in 98
while the files are almost identical, the trick doesn't work.

As I said before, the answer to this question is for -scientific- purposes only.
(I can always format the 95 system and install 98 from scratch)

The first that proposes an answer that works as I describe above will recieve a
clean - A - .

Thank you all for your interest.
Another way is to take backup of your system, rename, run w98 oem setup. Now you have a backup. If you don't like w98, restore from your backup.
surfaceAuthor Commented:
Sorry. Probably you didn't read the question recap.
Ooooohh  naughty varun for not reading the surface recap !
No it can't be done
surfaceAuthor Commented:
This is the first really honest answer.
I will reopen the question for now and if no answer comes up in the next 5 days or so and  -toste- gives the same answer again he will get his grade and the subject will be considered closed.
Have a nice weekend......
First of all, I would suggest a clean install because it is a lot more powerful. Try this:  Don't delete, but rename it. Make 2 win95 startup disk. With the second copy c:\msdos.sys to it and replace the existing file. Make a new folder called win98. Copy all the setup files to "C:\win98\options\" or "cabs" or something. (the setup files are located at D:\win98\ (d: being your cd rom)  Boot to dos using your 1st startup disk.  Browse to "C:\win98\options\" and type setup.  Once setup is complete, (only if you cannot reinstall all apllications) copy the ini files to the new windows directory. Once you have done that insert your second startup disk and you can boot to win95.  If you need the disk space delete "c:\windows" and it should work.

Jonathan Gamble
What exactly is the point of doing all this?
It is a way to install win98. I found another way to install it when I was browsing a newgroup today.  Something to extract layout.bin and someother file.  I will post it here when I find out the exact procedure.  Sorry for not posting it.
surfaceAuthor Commented:
It works as you describe. Doesn't allow you to revert.
Question considered closed.
Thanks you all
Is the other stuff required, or would just renaming give the same benefits?
That was the answer I found.  Sorry for the waste of time.
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