Win95 Network (Workgroups?) routines?

Posted on 1998-07-19
Last Modified: 2010-04-04
How do I use the Windows Network? I mean the Win95 workgroups network. I want to access other
computers. How do I do it?
How do I enter the password for shared folders? Will it be possible to write a program that 'hacks' this
password? It seems possible to me...
Question by:ShadowHawk071998
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Do you mean "how do you programmatically access other machines on the Windows Network?"  If so, then the answer is with the Shell API found in Shell32.dll.

The functions you want are:

SHGetDesktopFolder to get an instance of the desktop

SHGetSpecialFolderLocation to get the instance of the network neighborhood.


Author Comment

ID: 1358244
Anyone has more 'concrete' suggestions? So I won't have to hack it down all
How do I ACTUALLY use these in Delphi? Anyone can give a short example?

Expert Comment

ID: 1358245
Here's my code in C++Builder.  The conversion to Delphi should be trivial, but I can do it for you if you like

    LPSHELLFOLDER lpsf = NULL, lpsf2 = NULL;
    LPITEMIDLIST pidl, lpi = NULL;

    SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(Handle, CSIDL_NETWORK, &lpi);
    lpsf->BindToObject((LPCITEMIDLIST)lpi, NULL, IID_IShellFolder, (LPVOID *)&lpsf2);
    lpsf2->EnumObjects(Handle, 32 | 64 | 128, &lpe);
    while (S_OK == lpe->Next(1, &lpi, &ulFetched))
        char lpName[MAX_PATH];
        memset(lpName, 0, 256);
        STRRET StrName;
        lpsf->GetDisplayNameOf(lpi, dwFlags, &StrName);
            case STRRET_WSTR:
            case STRRET_OFFSET:
                strcpy(lpName, (LPSTR)lpi+StrName.uOffset);
            case STRRET_CSTR:
                strcpy(lpName, (LPSTR)StrName.cStr);



Author Comment

ID: 1358246
That is much better :)
I would hugely appriciate having you 'translate' it to delphi if you have the time. Although I 'know' C++ I haven't used it in years. I should start soon, but I'd prefer a pascal example...
Thanks again!

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