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linux through NT gateway

thrasher99 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-18
How do you configure a linux system to go through an NT gateway? is there a way?
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By gateway do you mwan "gateway" in its precise sense as a router, or do you actually mean "firewall" or "proxy"?


In the router sense... I have about 6 computers connected through a LAN and have 1 Linux, 1 NT server, 2 NT Workstation, and 2 95 systems... I have everything working but the linux... Which is the best os on the entire LAN :)

How did you set up the Windows boxes to talk through the NT server?

Are you using MS Proxy Server?


I set up the windows boxes to use the nt server as the default gateway... No i am not using proxy server, My isp requires you to use a proxy to connect and as far as I can tell you cannot nest proxies nor would you want to because the speed would be decreases dramatically
Have you setup you default gateway on Linux:

  route add default gw ip-of-nt-gateway

(NOTE that route syntax differs on various Linuxs)


Already have the default gateway set up as nt-ip on eth0... Still nothing... tried route add default gw and rebooted and it does jack

I think you need wither a proxy server or a NAT type program in order to share an Internet connection over a LAN using NT Server.

Or perhaps a router.


The NT work fine as a gateway to other microsoft os systems... from what I have heard the nt gateway (no more than packet forwarding) uses diferent types of packets which are designed specifically for windows...  what is a NAT type program?

Network Address Translation

Normally I would recommend using the linux box as a gateway with Ip Masquerade installed, but I dont think that is the solution you are requesting... :)
Are the NT clients using registered or private IP Addresses?
If they are using registered IP's, are they on the same segment that is not routed?
With two interfaces you need to enable forwarding on the TCP/IP setup.
If everything is registered IP's(including Linux boxes) you probably also need to install NT's routing which is not installed by default.
If the Linux boxes are using private, non-regestered IP addresses than you need to BUY and setup MS Proxy server. This may or may not work with Linux as it has special dll's for MS clients and I never tried it with a Lnux client.
As an alternative, if you need the proxying setup, you consider Linux's native IP masquerade support. You can pass both Linus and MS clients through it just fine.

Linux with IP Masq will also work with Macs...
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I think that NAT1000 is a better product, or perhaps Sygate.
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