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Fat32 problem with Quantum Fireball ????

sjensen asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-12
Could there be a problem with Fat32 and Quantum Fireball disks? I have discovered a FAT-problem on 3 Quantum Fireball disks. Windows reports that there is 200 MB avaliable on the disk. But when trying to install software I get an error saying there's no more space avaliable. When running scandisk, scandisk reports that there's an error with the boot sector on the disk, causing the disk to report wrongly the amount of avaliable disk-space. I have only seen this problem on Quantum Fireball disks with the FAT32 file-system.
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A similar thing has been reported about Norton Utilities -- Disk Doctor. Here's the comment:

Norton Disk Doctor for Windows

                    We have identified a problem related to the free cluster count error that
                    affects the drive with the swap file. The swap file grows while Norton
                    Disk Doctor runs, but Windows does not update the free cluster count.
                    Norton Disk Doctor correctly identifies the problem. An upcoming
                    LiveUpdate will resolve this issue.

You could check if this is the issue by fixing the size of the swapfile (temporarily).
I use several IDE Fireballs and have not witnessed the problem myself.

What is the model # of drive and what motherboard and bios are you using. There are problems with some award bios and quantum, Mostly Asus motherboards.
I've got a Fireball1280 & a Maverick540 running FAT32 with no problem at all. I'm running AMI BIOS (old as a stone). My 1st HD is an IBM 6.4G. BIOS didn't recognize. Entered values in BIOS setup manually. Same I did 4 the Maverix. Had all HD's formatted with fdisk /mbr. Then installed OnTrack DiskManager. Everything's fine up 2 now...
Telling u this just 2 assure u that it's probably not a problem with the manufacturer of HD. More likely u got some crap in your mbr, or, like mentioned above (wayneb), a specific malfunctioning constellation of board/bios/HD.

> Windows reports that there is 200 MB avaliable
> on the disk. But when trying to install software
> I get an error saying there's no more space available.

It's possible that the software "unpacks" some of its files,
and consumes that 200MB with "temporary" files,
leaving no room on the disk for the "permanent" files
which it is trying to create.

How big is the disk?  1GB? 2GB? 4GB? larger?

what are you trying to install?  also how much space is allocated to the recycle bin?  


The problem is not what I'm trying to install. The problem is that the disk reports a wrong amount of avaliable space. This I have to correct by using scandisk at least once a week!
Hoi sjensen.

r u losing available clusters after running scandisk?
r u running 95a, b, c or 98?
gimme the technical data of the disk in order 2 look up more information (heads, sectors, cylinders, capacity - from BIOS!)
and the complete report of scandisk of the drive you have the problem with.
mayb i can say sumthin then.

Black Death.


I am using windows98 but i hav also expirienced this on machines running win95b. No cluster's lost. I had the BIOS autodetect the hard-drive, so i cant remeber the values.

have you checked for a virus?  I run two fireballs and have no problems running fat32.  Also how much of the hard drive is saved for the recycle bin?  


I have checked for virus using the latest version of Norman Anti Virus. And it reports that there are no viruses. The recycle bin is set to the default: 10%.

Can you tell the size of the disk?
< 512 MB ???


The disks i have expirienced this on are 1,2 GB 2,1 GB and 4,3 GB

Here at work we have numerous machines running various Fireball hard drives with no problem running FAT32.  I would examine how the BIOS is setting up the drives as you said it did it automatically.  When scandisk fixes it, does it give you any other messages?


It reports that there is something wrong with the boot-sector that causes the disk to report
a wrong amount of avaliable space. Scandisk then fixes this problem and the disk works fine for about a week or so.
Have u ever tested them at another board/controller?

Black Death
Oh, my god - what was that ?

What I meant 2 say was:
Have u ever tested them *_with_* a *_different_* board/controller?
(sorry, must have had a blackout)

Black Death


they have been tested on three different Shuttle Spacewalker-boards
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BIOS updated, and everything seems fine! :)
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