Global Address Book and Outlook

When the users on our network open Outlook98 and access the address book they are able to see the Global Address Book. I do not want them to be able to see this, I want them to see only the custom address book views I have created. Plus I want 2 of the users to able to add recipients to some of the address book views.
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schmieguConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks Danem

I'm sorry, that I couldn't really help you
Go to Tools|Services.
Select the Addressing tab.
Remove the Global Address list.
Add your view(s).
danemAuthor Commented:
Hi again!

This unfortunately doesn't solve my problem, because if you click on the "show names from the" down-arrow, you are still able to see and access the Global Address Book.
Thanks, but try again.

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Manfred BertlManagerCommented:
Do you use an Exchange Server? Which Version?
I`m not sure that this is possible, but you can tell Outlook see firts the Personal Address book the others.

1.- Go to Address Book (ctrl+shift+b)
2.- tools/options
3.- select the list that you want to show firts
4.- then try if this solve your problem partialy
5.- you have to close and open outlook again.

Good luck !!!

danemAuthor Commented:
Hi Chaveza!

Thanks for giving it a bash, but this does not solve my problem.
I want very specific contorl over the address books. With 20 or so address books plus the global address list it can get pretty frustrating to have to scroll through all of them. In reply to your question mbertl, sorry it took so long, it's an Exchange 5 server
I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY hiding the Global Address List. Your only chance is, to move all recipient containers UNDER the default container (as I understand, you have more than one), so the scroll-list becomes shorter.
danemAuthor Commented:
Hi Schmiegu!

Is it not possible to chang ethe attributes of the GAL in RAW mode administration?
Hi danem!

I checked RAW mode and you can't access GAL properties neither. Changing to RAW Directory view you won't find any object corresponding to GAL (maybe I misinterpreted the names of the schemes). Prior to placing my answer I searched MS Technet and I couldn't find an article that covers your problem. One of my customers wanted to hide the organizational tree (Org, Site, RecipientsContainers) and I contacted some experts, but none could help me.
danemAuthor Commented:
Thanks Schmiegu!

Type some garble as an answer andI'll accept it.
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