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I have setup a Shiva AccessPort on our LAN and would like Exchange to use this to retrieve emails from our ISP.  I know how to setup the router end, but how do I get Exchange to talk to the router and automatically use it to dial out every x mins?

Any help much appreciated.
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RincewindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set the retry time in the IMS to 5 mins. or so.. This means Exchange will try to deliver queued mail every 5 minutes.

At the ISP side, ask them to set up a "batched SMTP" account for you. This means all mail for your domain is queued at their servers, and mailflow to your system starts, when triggered.. ususally the "trigger" is having your server/router dial in with a predefined account.

Hope this helps.
ombAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
I have a LAN (15 PC). One of them connected to a RDSI. Each user has it's own email acount in a POP server in our ISP. We use exchange (same that outlook for this purpouse). Each PC retrieves it's mail at predefined times automatic. The computer with the RDSI has a proxy server.
Does your problem have to do with this? What's Shiva Access Port?

( sorry RDSI = ISDN in spanish)
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ombAuthor Commented:
No - all our mailboxes are handled by our Exchange Server which connects to our ISP at predefined intervals.  Basically, all I want to do is to get Exchange to use the new ISDN router (Shiva AccessPort)I have attached to our LAN to retrieve/send emails rather than a 56k modem attached to the server and a RAS connection.

Any ideas?
You can't get Exchange Server to do this, but you CAN get NT to do this using the built-in AT command (to run a task at a predefined interval) or the fancier Task Scheduler (part of Internet Explorer 4.0). Shiva must have a command-line dial utility. You just then need to synchronize the command-line dial schedule with Exchange's mail-retrieval schedule.

I always thought the Shiva AccessPort was a dial-on-demand router -- that is, if you were to, e.g., "ping" some remote host, that would cause it to dial immediately. Is that not the case?

ombAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, a simple ping does not seem to work. I have also check for Shiva AccessPort command lines and no luck.  Are there any utilities out there which talk to Exchange and if mail is being queued, will release it... the same for collecting mail from an ISP when connected? Yes, a scheduler will open the connection, I then need to release and collect the mails.
ombAuthor Commented:
Rincewind - thank you for your response.  I will speak to my ISP regarding your suggestion.  However, I am still a little confused on the Exchange side...

Our Exchange server, within the IMS, is currently configured under "Connections" to 'Forward all messages to host:' and "Dial using: USR 56k modem'. Of course, this uses RAS and our 56k modem to dial up and send/receive mails. If I am to change from using the 56k modem to the ISDN router, do any settings within Exchange have to be changed? i.e. removing the 'Dial using' or 'Forward all messages to host' bits or adding others?

Thanks for your advice.
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