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Hardware locks when using Windows

Ray(2) asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I have a pentium Motherboard (fairly old) with P120 chip. Recently had to reformat my hard disc and reinstall everything. Everything installs ok, however as soon as I try to run Windows for the first time it just hangs. I have tried 3.11 and 95. They both install ok, but never run after the installations reboot. I have taken the memory simms out and tried them in another computer and they seem to work fine. If anyone can suggest any reasons for it hanging or any fixes I would apreciate it.

Many thanks in advance,
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need more info on your system,  hardware list.


OK. The motherboard is a TR5510 AIO (Socket 7). Intel Pentium 120. 32MB Memory (2 x 16MB) Simms. Diamond Stealth video card (s3 Chipset I think). 3.2 GB IDE Drive.

Is that what you meant?
James ElliottManaging Director

When you say you have re-formatted, do you mean re-partioned as well? If not then run fdisk in dos and create a new primary dos partition then try to re-install windows.

sorry jell, but i'm pretty sure that wont do nothing.  I would say more that is a hardware conflic
try to boot in safe mode


Thanks for your answer. Its been a few weeks since I played with it, but I am pretty sure that I did fdisk (I tried pretty much everything in desperation) and then started all over again by putting DOS on then Windows etc. But I will try it again. If any one else has any more suggestions, or can explain to me what might be happening (It sounds like a memory-ish problem to me), I would appreciate it.


I think Safe mode was working. If it was I would have checked all the obvious stuff in Device Manager. I think I ought to dig it out and give all your ideas a go again. I will resubmit my question once I have the unit next to me and running. Many thanks for your help.
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You said:  "the device manager wont tell you anything in safe mode....."
I really can't understand why you would make that statement because Device Manager lists installed components.  It may even show duplicate entries that can cause problems.

As I understand your question, no hardware has been changed. (Please correct me if I'm wrong on that.)
Safe mode loads Win95 using standard VGA mode so it's possible that your video driver could be causing trouble.
I suggest you try removing any display adapters listed using Device Manager while in safe mode.
Then, when you reboot the computer, install the correct driver for your video card.
Let me know how it goes.

your system may have a conflic between to device, so what i suggest you to do is remove all device physicaly and then you'll be sure that no conflic could happen.

Then reinstall windows and then reinstall one device at a time to be able to see which one seem to hang your system.

What i meen by saying that safe mode wont tell you anything is it wont tell you conflic.

Try it, most of the time it will correct your problem or help you to find which of your device hang your system

I have agree with PCservice.

In the proposed "answer" pcservice suggested:
"Remove all device from system but the video card, and then reinstall windows."
The only installed devices listed by Ray(2) that are in addition to the video card are:
1) the motherboard
2) CPU
3) memory
4) hard drive.
Now, which of those devices would you suggest that he remove???

you dont have any device install in your system ??  Sound card, modem etc.

If you have those device in your system, do what i said above !

If you dont have any other device install in your system, i would say that you may have a defective motherboard.

We need some feedback from you on this.
Also, please post your autoexec.bat & config.sys files here.


Unfortunately its not as easy as that. Once I found that I couldn't get Windows working I put the board down and canabalized the harddisc, memory & video card and built myself a different PC using a working motherboard. I originally posted my question to see if anyone knew whether or not the board was salvageable and worth keeping to mess around with another day. I really appreciate your help but I am going to have to rebuild the old PC again to start trying any of your ideas, or give you any real feed back. I will resubmit my question when I have done this.

Okay Ray, take your time.
I would suggest that you reopen the question though, so other experts have an opportunity to submit an answer when you are ready with some feedback.

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