Video animations in Win98

After my upgrade to Windows 98, video fragments get stuck within' a couple of seconds after starting them. Most of the time, I do need a restart of the PC. I checked my video driver (S3), it is up to date. Pls help?
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What are you using to play your movies? Active Movie, Quicktime . . . What brand/model video card? Hope I can help you . . .
When you updated your system to 98, many of the video DLL's were updated. If those DLL's are either incompatable or enable a video format that is incompatable with your video card, the card will not work with video. You might want to verify that your card can support the video you are trying to use.

Example: Using the Win95 Indeo, my video card played video, but it was in software because the Indeo didn't support the format the video was in. With the upgrade, the Indeo supported the format, it told my video driver to use hardware, but the card failed because it couldn't handle the format.
gabrieAuthor Commented:
I got a S3 Trio64V2-DX (775) video card and I use Quick Time as movieplayer. My problem has changed a little; I followed somebody's advice on this site to do a "clean install" (after formatting the hard disk). Result: all video's worked fine, but a new problem came up: my presario 4550 does not recognize my modem anymore. It can only detect new hardware in COM1, but my modem is in COM2. This might seem trivial for some of you, but not for me, so any help is welcome!!
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Ckeck this out Gab,

COM1 3F8-3FF Irq 4
COM2 2F8-2FF Irq 3
COM3 3E8-3EF Irq 4
COM4 2E8-2EF Irq 3

IRQ 0 Timer Output / System Timer
IRQ 1 Keyboard Controller
IRQ 2 Route to Interrupt Controller2 , IRQ 8
IRQ 3 COM2 or COM4 / Modem
IRQ 4 COM1 or COM3
IRQ 5 LPT1 or LPT2 or Network card or Sound card
IRQ 6 Floppy Disk Controller
IRQ 7 LPT1 or LPT2 or Network card or Sound card

(AT Only)
IRQ 8 Real Time Clock
IRQ 9 Software Redirect to IRQ 2, Midi interrupt
IRQ 10 Available
IRQ 11 Available
IRQ 12 Available
IRQ 13 Math Coprocessor
IRQ 14 Primary IDE Hard Disk Controller
IRQ 15 Secondary IDE Hard Disk Controller / Available



           Where to change Interrupt settings (IRQs)

Windows 95 assigns IRQs automatically, but if you need to change them to a specific
value, you can.

1. Click the Start button, point to Settings, then click Control Panel.
2. Double-click the System icon.
3. Select the Device Manager tab, then find and double-click on the device you want to
change the IRQ for.
4. A panel for that device will appear. If you select the Resources tab, a Resources
Settings window will pop up. One of the choices in the window is Interrupt Request with the
current value listed.
If you click on that to highlight it, the change setting button will become usable.
If you click on that button, you will get the Edit Interrupt Request panel that will allow you
to change the interrupt, and will immediately tell you if your new choice conflicts with other

Note: For some Devices you will first have to push the "Set Configuration Manually" button,
and un check the "Use Automatic
Settings" Check-box.


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Is there a "?" icon in your System Properties->Device Manager? Make sure there isn't a "generic" modem driver installed under the "?" icon or modems; if there is one, delete it and reboot.

If you have a driver on disk and windows doesn't properly recognise you modem, you may need to use Control Panel->Add New Hardware->Modems->Have Disk and select you modem's driver from disk.
gabrieAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bud! My Windows 98 is working fine now....I spent appr. 10 hours on getting it right, compaq and microsoft couldn't help, but with the tips on this site I managed!
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