How to do line space??

I had an mfc application like paintbrush.In that I had one text object..It has got one property sheet and in which user can configure various properties of text like font,alignment ,charecter spacing,line spacing etc??
I had no idea about how to implement line spacing...Any help would be welcome..
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trestanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pls take a look at the answer before you reject it. The function can set the Baseline to baseline height, in twips.

sheeba021198Author Commented:
Edited text of question
Tommy HuiEngineerCommented:
What exactly is your question? Are you unsure about what line spacing is? Or how to implement it?
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sheeba021198Author Commented:
Edited text of question
here's some copy/paste's from a few recent threads on the vcpp list.  maybe you can get something out of them:

There's a sample somewhere in VC (I don't remember the name) that allows you
to do distortions to TrueType fonts.  It does it by using the BeginPath
function (and companions).  What it does is draw the text into a hidden
path, and then enumerate the points in that path, applying some calculations
to them.  This is probably all you need.  Otherwise, there are a set of
functions to get the geometry of individual TrueType glyphs (start by
looking at GetGlyphMetrics).

> Hello,

> I would like to decode a Windows Font and get the geometry of a letter (
> for example some points on the edge ) in order to create a 3D object.
> If somebody has an Idea.

> Thanks,
>                Stephane

>Is this an MFC bug?
>According to the online help for CListBox::MeasureItem(): "If the list box is
>created with the LBS_OWNERDRAWVARIABLE style, the framework calls this member
>function for each item in the list box. Otherwise, this member is called only
>once." However my CDerivedListBox::MeasureItem() is never called for a listbox
>created with LBS_OWNERDRAWFIXED. said:
>...Looks like a MFC bug...

Bummer. I was hoping for a hilarious round of the usual flames
from Mr. Defensive.
Here's what I found out after testing the many good suggestions.

None of the handlers/overrides for ON_WM_MEASUREITEM_REFLECT,
ON_WM_CREATE, ON_WM_MEASUREITEM or PreCreateWindow is called.
Thanks to Trevor Russ for suggesting the method most compatible
with my goal of a reusable control:

void CMyOwnerDrawFixedListBox::PreSubclassWindow() {
        CClientDC dc(this);
        CFont* pOldFont = dc.SelectObject(GetFont());
        TEXTMETRIC tm;
        SetItemHeight(0, tm.tmHeight);


that last one was from mfc-l
i also think there's a settextmetrics function.. probably useful.
Pls try win32 function SOPutParaSpacing.
(A twip is 1/1440 inch, or 1/20 of a printer’s point).
sheeba021198Author Commented:
I think that is for spacing a paragraph..I have to provide spacing between lines..
sheeba021198Author Commented:
To use SOPutParaSpacing,which file I have to include??
I include windows.h,but compilation error,undeclared identifier
occurs..Any sample code would be welcome
The head file is SODEFS.H that should be included. But it does not end there. You need to know features of the shell for the Windows operating system. I would like to provide you the following site for instruction:
There is also an example in the online help:
Visual C++ -> Visual C++ Samples -> SDK Samples -> Windows NT Samples -> Fparser: File Parser
And you should notice that there is no MFC function to do it. Maybe in the later version MS will provide it.
Good luck.

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