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Posted on 1998-07-23
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
how can i check in delphi 2.0 if the cd-tray is open or closed?
how can i check if an audio-cd is inserted or a data-cd? checking for playable tracks doesn't work.
Question by:aperlitz
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Check out this component:
(all thanks go to ZifNab!)

ZifNab also found this pice of source for me once:

 Q) How can I tell if a given CD-ROM Drive contains an Audio CD?

 A) You can use the Windows API function GetDriveType() to test
   if the drive is a CD-ROM drive then use the Windows API function

 GetVolumeInformation() to test if the VolumeName is 'Audio CD'.

 function IsAudioCD(Drive : char) : bool;
    DrivePath : string;
    MaximumComponentLength : DWORD;
    FileSystemFlags : DWORD;
    VolumeName : string;
    Result := false;
    DrivePath := Drive + ':\';
    if GetDriveType(PChar(DrivePath)) <> DRIVE_CDROM then exit;
    SetLength(VolumeName, 64);
    GetVolumeInformation(PChar(DrivePath), PChar(VolumeName),                                                  Length(VolumeName),                                                    nil,                                                    MaximumComponentLength,                                                    FileSystemFlags, nil, 0);

 if lStrCmp(PChar(VolumeName),'Audio CD') = 0 then result := true;

   function PlayAudioCD(Drive : char) : bool;
     mp : TMediaPlayer;
     result := false;
     if not IsAudioCD(Drive) then exit;
     mp := TMediaPlayer.Create(nil);
     mp.Visible := false;
     mp.Parent := Application.MainForm;
     mp.Shareable := true;
     mp.DeviceType := dtCDAudio;
     mp.FileName := Drive + ':';
     mp.Shareable := true;
     result := true;

   procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
     if not PlayAudioCD('D') then
       ShowMessage('Not an Audio CD');

   Joe C. Hecht


Accepted Solution

BoRiS earned 100 total points
ID: 1358560

To open and close the CD tray use the mciSendCommand API call, from there you cn trap the true or false ... for example if false then cd tray is closed that kind of thing...

I think the API call goes something like this...

Tray: TMediaPlayer;
                            MCI_SET, MCI_SET_DOOR_CLOSED, 0);

Also check out the win32 help file have C code example that you can translate...

Matvey is totally correct in the code he gave you to check for audio CD's

(Matvey I hope I haven't intruded on the question...)


Author Comment

ID: 1358561
the tip about checking for audio-cd's is perfect. works really great. but i need to know how i can check if the door is open or closed. i know, how to open and to close the door, but i want to let the user do this by clicking only one button. so the state of the door has to be checked when the user clicks the button. any suggestions about this? (i knew cdevents.pas before, but it didn't help me).

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ID: 1358562

The code I sent you will do it exactly that it closes the cd door if it's open to close it just cahnge the close stuff to open...

If you still need help leave your mail address and I'll send a example to you...


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ID: 1358563
Well, Boris, both our comments weren't answeres. Why didn't you just leave the question open?

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