Question about switching framesets....

Is there a way I can specify a button to open a specific page on a different frameset than the one I'm using?

Let's say, I'm on frameset A with 3 panes, and I click on a button on the left pane.  I want that button to open a specific page (other than the default page), on frameset B which only has 2 panes.

Can I do this with the java buttons?

Thank you.
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sybeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<a href="frameset_B.htm" target="_top">
SirCalebCommented: your <a href="yourpage.htm"> make it look like this:
<a href="differentpane.htm" target="panename">link</a>

That will load the page in the frame of your choice...just replace panename with the name of the frame...this should do the trick.
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beornAuthor Commented:
That just opens a page in a given frame.  What I need to do is open a different frameset while I'm on one.

I need it to load a frameset, a specific page(other than the default one that loads with the frameset), and substitute the frameset I'm using.

SirCalebCommented: is what you can do...this is crude but it will work...

add this into the newframeset.htm page...

<script language = "Javascript">

if (top.location != location) top.location.href = location.href;


This will break you out of your old frameset and load the totally new one...
Do you mean, open a page in a frameset which is in a different window ?
beornAuthor Commented:
Actually it's quite complicated. I have frameset "A" with a "top", left and main frame.

Everything on the top frame willl open in the main frame.  The links on the "left" frame must open specific pages on a frameset "B" (which only has 2 frames, "left" and "main").

What I need to know is how I get rid of the "top" frame when I click on the links at the left?

I don't want the links at the left open in the nested "main" window of the frameset "A".

I tried the javascript above from Sir Caleb, on the frames page B, but nothing happens.

Thanks for your patience. :-)
Hrmm...I use that script a lot because I know that if somebody else links their site to mine and the link is in a frameset, my frameset will show up within their frameset...that script essentially "breaks" you out of the frames that are already loaded when you enter a might only work w/ certain browsers...
Your right...that is a complicated problem....I've now got a clear picture in my mind what it is your trying to do...tricky...
Sybe's answer will probably work...I've never really tried that before...frames are just plain tricky...
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