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PC compatability card in a PowerMac

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Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I bought a PowerMac from Power Computing and it came with a PC compatability card installed. I can run Windows 95 on the PC side and I now want to hook up to a Modem to play on-line games. My modem works fine on the Mac side but I cant get to it from the Windows. Is there someone who has done this. Is this possible?
Also the Windows 95 Modem setup diagnostics tab says that Windows has detected the COM 1 Port and has already installed the Hayes Accura Modem which is hooked up (and which works fine on the Mac side). When I go to More Info the modem fails to respond.
The Port Info is : Port COM1
Interrupt 4
Address 3F8 and UART INS 8250
Do I need to cable the modem from the PC side or can it use the cable on the Mac side.
Thanks for all the helpers.
Still trying
I have now shown that the PC can detect the modem but when asked to connect it fails.
I am trying to use the MS Network and their local access numbers on the PC side and Mindspring on the Mac. Also, after I have been trying to connect on the PC side for a while and I return to the Mac, the Mindspring software is unable to connect. I have to completely disconnect the modem and insert another one at this stage to fix that problem.
Should I give up?
I have tried with the Mindspring Tech Support guys but this comaptibility card thing is too much for them.
Any ideas apart from giving up ?
Well this is getting interesting.
I have followed the path thru the Device Manager and have set the Port settings to match the modem and 8-N-1 and hardware flow control.
When I close all this and try to connect from Microsoft Network it still says that the modem does not respond and that I should check the settings.
I turn the modem off and on again and retry and check everything and still no luck.
Maybe I should get a PC person to come and check the Windows 95 or maybe the compatability card cant do this. This seems unfortunate.
The other problem which may be related is that the PC cannot detect the CD  when I try to open that and it even says there are some necessary files missing.
Still trying

It turns out that the problem was simply that I needed to deselect the modem port selection on the Mac side (make it printer port) and then the MS network could find, dial and "connect" with the modem.
However, the joy stopped there because the MS network did not communicate any further. I guess I have a software problem now so I am going to try reloading the MS network sogftware and see what happens
Thanks all
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yes it is possible. However, the hard part is configuring windows to even realize your modem is hooked up. (blame billy). You need to go through the entire network setup process and dialup configuration. Unfortunately when i did it i stumbled across the solution and was so lost that i dont know exactly what i did. Check a windows manual and/or convince one of yer pc pals to come fix er up for ya.

Exactly what do you mean by "I can't get it to work"?

What fails?  What have you tried?

Does the PC has access to your serial port yet?


Windows should have auto detected the modem,
To verify your modem setup. Double click on Modems (in the control Panel),
If there is a phone icon here, select it and
choose the "Diagnostics" tab, then click on the "more info" button.
This will verify your modem installation.

If there is no modem here then
click on "add"
You can let auto detect or.....
select "choose from a list" then use "Standard Modem"
then goto 1



Edited text of question

Do you mean that Windows had already detected the correct type of modem and installed the correct driver?  Or did you select this manually?

Windows will believe there is a COM1 and a COM2 even if the Mac software hasn't been set up to give up a port.  Windows just won't be able to communicate with anything through it.

You leave the modem connected to the modem port of your Mac... unless you actually have a serial port on you compatibility card.  But I don't know of such a beast (except for some seriously hacked hardware that I've seen).

do something illogical. that will fix it. it is, after all, an MS thing.


Edited text of question

OK, I think we are getting somewhere. Now that the PC card knows that there is a modem attached, com1 for a PC modem is unusual thoug (its usually used for a serial mouse) Lets tyr the next step......
In the control panel, Duble clk modems, click properties, set the maximum speed for your modem (The same as the mac side)....
Now right click on "my computer" and go to properties, then "Device Manager", expand  Ports, then open the com port that the modem is on. Here you can select its properties, then the port settings, Make the speed match your modem properties, Bits= 8 P=N Stop=1 and use hardware flow control.
Do not give up this does work.

Can you use HyperTerminal to connect with another modem?  Try dialing your ISP's number with it.

As for the switching between PC and Mac, just remember that two pieces of software cannot use one port at the same time.  When your PC is trying to connect, some software has "captured" the modem port for the PC's use.  And until the program has relinquished the port, your Mac's PPP program won't be able to use that port.


Edited text of question

I'm a little worried about the UART 8250 chipset on your COM port.  That is an older chip and may not support a fast modem (i.e. over 9600 or 14.4; I can't remember which)

You may want to try slowing the modem down a bit for the PC card.

Can you send AT commands to the modem, or is there still no communication?


Edited text of question
Rowan HawkinsSystem Integrator

An 8250 UART will support up to 19,200 for a baud rate.

The modem is probably not compadible with PC.If you bought a new modem for PC it would work...


The modem is fine. I have now found that the problem is probably with the Windows installation since I cannot get the Windows to "see" the CD (except for audio only).
I need the Windows to see the CD so I can install the Mindspring software for Internet access.
Any ideas out there??


This is why I do not have a Windows machine. You will have to do whatever windoze people do to get their CD's to mount. I saw it done once and was amazed at how primative "Bill's OS" is.

Call your isp and ask them how to mount the CD on a windoze machine.
Rowan HawkinsSystem Integrator

The answer above was rude, and should not have been submitted. If the below works, reject it, and let me know, I'll repost.

The CD should auto magicly mount, the one problem that you might be haveing is the LASTDRIVE=x Setting in the CONFIG.SYS Its the number of drives set to be allowable for network usage.

If you have a C and D partition, set your last drive to be E with the setting


Type it just like that in the CONFIG.SYS directly after the DOS=
line. The command is for either MS, Novel networks or the number of letters assigned to mac shared volumes.

The other thing you might try is Turn the fade when switched selection off, make sure the PC is off, Switch to the PC, and watch it boot.  When you see "Starting Windows 95..." Prsee the F8 key. A menu should appear, select "Step by Step" and answer yes (y) to all of the lines, look for and write down any error messages, and post them to here.



The Hubs answer was not good because it was a bit "smarty pants" and didnt really help. My ISP provider does not get into helping at that level.

I am now working with rjhawkin and learning. The error messages as last drive =E didnt help.However I have a neat list of errors for you following the F8 search.

1. The following file is not present or corrupted:

2. There is an error in config.sys-line 8

3. The following file is not present or corrupted:
C:\vibra16\drv\c tmmsys.sys

4. There is an error in config.sys-line 9

5.Error loading device driver Protman.dos

6. Error 7308
The driver file could not be found. To delete and add again, doubleclick network icon in Control Panels-type nethelp7308 at command prompt.

That was all the problems that were listed.

Does this help HTH ??

Thanks for the lesson.

TTFN (tata for now)


Adjusted points to 100

Didn't mean to piss you off. Please accept my apology.


Not a problem HUB. I am just trying to get my 10 year-old son off my back by setting up this Windows on-line so he can play Airattack etc. instead of watching Family Values on the TV.
Apology accepted. Any other ideas??


I'd recommend reinstalling Windows at this point.  However not being able to see the CD-ROM could make this a bit difficult.  You might be able to put the CD-ROM in your mac and copy the WIN95 folder off the CD-ROM onto a hard drive that the PC can access, and reinstall Win95 from there.  As I recall, OS8.1 is even supposed to play nice with Windows long file names, which could be an issue during the install.

Good Luck!!


I have now put the system into a local hospital for surgery.
The company is called Computer Solutions Group of Tampa FL and I will let y'all know what happens and how much it costs.
Rowan HawkinsSystem Integrator

 I have been bogged down here at work and was unable to get back as quick as I would have liked.

Have you tried running the setup program for the CD on the PC-Utility Floppy?

It will overwrite the drivers and entries in the config.sys and autoexec.bat.

Also the current version of the software for the Apple Manufactured DOS card is 1.6.4 so you might want to try that.

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For all who have helped I have now been told by Apple that the PC compatability card should not have been put in anything but a Mac.
The Powercomputing Power Center pro 210 is a Power Mac clone I guess.
McMall installed it but they wont accept responsibility
Apple says McMall did the installation and they are responsible
I guess the only way I can go forward on this is to locate someone who has the same system and who has in fact made it work
By work I mean go online on the Windows side.

Is there a way I could find such a person. McMall tells me that they configured quite a few.
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