syslog.conf configuration w/ named

using slackware 2.0.3.  my /var/log/messages is always crammed full of lines from named.  lines on stats (NSTATS, XSTATS, USAGE) every hour, and everytime it cleans its cache.  how can i send msgs just from named to a dif file?  or at least, named's low priority msgs (debug, info,notice?).  
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vxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's the answer you requested
Look at the startup script... if it has "-d" or "-q" options, get rid of them... Also look at /etc/named.boot, in the "options" line maybe you'll find a "query-log" keyword. If any of these were true, kill named and restart...

Good Luck

PS:Aren't you using linuxconf, are you?
m4rcAuthor Commented:
its started in one of my rc scripts, with no options, just /sbin/named.  and i dont have a named.boot.  and i havent used linuxconf b4.  what is it, an xwindows dot file editor?  i dont seem to have it on my system.


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In /etc/syslog.conf, you could add ';named.none' to the line that is  sending messages to the /var/log/messages file.  This should eliminate all the messages from named.
Then add an additional line to syslog.conf, containing 'named.*' and the file you want the messages logged in.
You can replace the 'none' and '*' by other levels if you want more control.
Remember to send a SIGHUP to syslogd to read the config file after the changes.  Otherwise, they will take effect only after the next boot.
Since your question header line contained a reference to syslog.conf, maybe you have already tried this.  If so, could you post the results (failure, I suppose) of this test.  This could help to get your syslogd configured correctly.
If you don't have /etc/named.boot, then there are two possibilities: you're using bind 8 or you are receiving such messages from the network... a line containing "options query-log" is responsible to load EACH message to/from bind (named proccess)

And linuxconf in yet-another-admin-tool, the one that uses redhat 5.1, but you can use it in almost any other distribution, and it uses to set mentioned option.

Good luck
m4rcAuthor Commented:
> n /etc/syslog.conf, you could add ';named.none' to the line that is  sending messages
    i dont have a named.none line in particular in my syslog.conf.  id guess that the messages are being sent via one of the generic rules.  this is my syslog.conf:

# send all info and notice EXCEPT the mail info to messages
*.=info;*.=notice;mail.!=info                   /usr/adm/messages
*.=debug                                        /usr/adm/debug
*.err                                           /usr/adm/syslog
mail.*                                          /usr/adm/mail

  so i cant disable the named msgs w/o disabling all other msgs of that type.  id block it by name, but i didnt think you could use just named.* since named is not a facility, and the docs say you have to use facility.priority for rules.
  i could be wrong.

  yeah, no named.boot.  i used to i my old dist, but i think slackware updated to bind 8, cuz i dont need one anymore.  i made the named.conf myself (ish) and it doesnt have an "options query-log" line.  should it?

BIND 8 works with /etc/named.conf. Have a look at the docs included with slackware (mine are in /usr/doc/BIND-8.1.2-REL/) or add the following lines:

logging {
  channel default { file <filename>; };

m4rcAuthor Commented:
fabulous!  thats just what i needed to know.  if you make an answer, ill give u the points for it.

my new named.conf has this in it, im testing it to see if it works:

logging {
        // try to send notice and above to syslog (/var/log/messages)
        channel lug_syslog {
                syslog deamon;
                severity notice;
        // try to send everything to a named.log file
        channel lug_info {
                file "\var\log\named.log";
                severity info;
        category default { lug_syslog, lug_info };

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