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Dualbooting WIN98 & Linux

magooo asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
How do i configure to dualboot were do i start. I have win98 and want to add linux as a secondary os.
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Magoo, use a software purchasable at most computer stores called System Commander,  it will allow you to boot with any number of OS's.  Just remeber you may have to partition your hard drive so each OS is on a different drive.
Let me know if that works!


   You don't need to use a utility to do this.  Just install Linux as a dual boot system with 98.  Microsoft has identified a known problem when installing Linux, and they have provided a solution to it below:
If this works, i hope you will reward me the points.

Windows Overwrites Linux Boot Manager
Last reviewed: June 23, 1998
Article ID: Q126671

The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98

When you install Microsoft Windows on a computer that has the Linux operating system installed, Windows may overwrite or deactivate the Linux boot manager (LILO, or Linux Loader). As a result, you can no longer access the Linux operating system.

The Linux boot manager (LILO) can be installed in two ways. It can be installed to the hard disk's Master Boot Record (MBR), or to the root directory or superblock (in Linux terminology) of the Linux partition. A superblock installation means that the Linux partition should be the active partition. Windows Setup makes the primary MS-DOS partition in which it is installed the active partition, causing LILO to be bypassed.

If LILO is installed in the MBR, it is overwritten by Windows Setup.

To correct this problem, use one of the following methods:

If LILO was installed to the MBR, follow these steps:
1. Restart the computer using a bootable Linux floppy disk.

2. Run the LILOCONFIG program from the floppy drive.

If LILO was installed to the superblock, use the FDISK command to activate the Linux partition.

LILO (LInuxLOader) support multiples OS's like Win 95, Dos or NT. If you install Linux after you have installed Win 98, than you can choose which OS you want to boot. You need to set this up in Linux of course.
But for best performance you have to install Linux in its own partition which requiers special tools like Partion Magic or FIPS, if you have your whole drive partioned for Win 98.


   Again, i would like to state that you don't need any extra utilities ($$$) to install Linux with windows.  I have found several sites that state this fact.
This URL will walk you through a Linux installation on Top of windows:

This URL will give you some insight about running Linux with Windows from an user who installed both Linux and windows:

If my answers provided you with the means, please reject the original answer and repost the question to reward me the points.  Thank you.
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