How do I eliminate characters in a string?

I have a scalar that is in the form of mixed numbers, characters, and symbols.  I want to process this scalar so that I end up with only the number part.  

Here's an example of what I want to happen.

$before = '12-3 abc 90 def'
$after = '12390'

Any hints on how to do this?
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TSchockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
$_ =~ s/\D//g;
will remove anything excepts digits
($after = $before) =~ tr/0-9//cd;
or $before =~ s/\D//g;
will remove anything not a digit in $before.
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tmbbAuthor Commented:
Both work great!
which do you want to grade?

Please reject TSchock's answer, and ask either ozo or n0thing to submit a question (You can even split points by posting a 0-point question to the customer service area).

TSchock's answer is either an inadvertent mistake, or a blatant attempt to take someone else's points by hoping that you don't notice that he slipped an answer in there, and get the points from auto-grading
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