Retrieving Hardware Info on 95 & NT

Has anybody got a reference with description of (API-) functions/procedures 2 retrieve hardware info on Windows95 & WindowsNT?
Purpose: Getting all information (that is, as much as possible) that is shown in the device manager. Of main interest however r infos on disks (no., capacity, media type,, RAM (if possible, type and access rates), cards (network node, graphics board, ISDN, Sound etc.) and monitor.

If this all were only on 95, there wouldn't b any problem.
But it has 2 run on NT, 2.
If u have got anything, I'd b thankful 4 each & every bit.

Best & most complete suggestion will receive A-rating times 50 points. Plus 10 (x rate A) 4 being quick.

(I hate this API crap)

Black Death.

As u may have noticed, API function calls on system information r my subject the last few dayz (alas!).
When I'm dun with this, I'll wrap it all in a couple of units & post'em 'ere 4 Zero so anybody who's interested could grab'em. & provide suggestions on improvements.
So we all will benefit from it. Whaddaya think?
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i can send a complete demo-program to you by email
BlackDeathAuthor Commented:
uhm - is anybody out there interested in gathering 1 or the other point at all?


enjoy the weekend, freex.

Black Death.
There's a shedload of hardware information in the registry under


Some of it's pretty obscure but there's some interesting stuff there.

You can get some drive information (size, serial number, cluster size etc) using API calls, but I can't find the relevent calls right now. I'll have a look around and post them when I find

Good luck,

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BlackDeathAuthor Commented:
thanx, adam.

i'm quite well familiar with the registry - analyzed those keys already.

a) unwieldy
b) the types of some keys differ in 95 & NT (1 shouldn't believe!)
b) i wanna use clean routines
c) can't imagine microsoft browsing the registry when building the device managers' info - they must have an interface

so what u told me ain't the solution. but as u told me, you're on the hunt. thanx, man. i won't abandon hope as long as this board exists.

Black Death
Found it!

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
   FileSystemName     : array [0..MAX_PATH-1] of Char;
   VolumeSerialNo     : DWord;
   FileSystemFlags    : Integer;
   Memo1.Lines.Add('VName = '+VolumeName);
   Memo1.Lines.Add('SerialNo = $'+IntToHex(VolumeSerialNo,8));
   Memo1.Lines.Add('CompLen = '+IntToStr(MaxComponentLength));
   Memo1.Lines.Add('Flags = $'+IntToHex(FileSystemFlags,4));
   Memo1.Lines.Add('FSName = '+FileSystemName);

Now all I need to is figure out a way to stop ExEx mashing code listings.

Hope this helps,

May I get a copy of you demo prgram too omsec ?
BlackDeathAuthor Commented:
Hi, Adam.

Doesn't quite cover the requested range of information but it's helping. If u find something else 4 drive or CPU, i'll b grateful 2 u 4 posting it.

Again-thanx. & bye,

Black Death.
BlackDeathAuthor Commented:
Hey, omsec!

Thanx 4 answer.
Does this demo cover CPU & drive information as described in my question? Is complete source code included? No new components?
NT & 95?
Anyway - I trust u.
So send it please.
My mail address is 2 b obtained in information on Black Death.

Rating A as promised not knowing what's awaiting me.
I'll let u know, if this is what I was looking 4 (& if it really was excellent...)

2 all:

My system info library is growing, the point of 1st release coming nearer...

ha cgopobe (ain't got no cyrillic charset, sorry)

Black Death.

the program i mean is from a Delphi 3 Book CD-ROM and shows how to get detailed information. It also includes a BP7 Sub-Program, becuz you can't get some informatin while runnin in protected mode. it is german, but i think you will get it, if there should be any problems with translation feel free to email me :)
BlackDeathAuthor Commented:

BP7 Sub-Program means that most probably BIOS-Routines r used. As u can c in my initial question, I have no use 4 those, coz the program's gotta run on NT, 2. & as we all know, NT wlaks round the BIOS so u can't use BIOS calls.

so what.

Send it anyway. I'll try 2 figure out what might b of use & go on searchin 4 the missin parts/parts 2 substitute.

Concerning "getting it" when it's in german:
If u take a look at "to all ... new one?" in the Delphi Programming topic area u'll c that this shouldn't b the problem.

Awaiting your mail...
Und: thanx again

- I realize once more that I feel quite comfortable in this world of like-minded souls - have a nice day 2 everybody!

Black Death
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