Linux behind MS Proxy firewall

I have recently set up a Slackware Linux box (kernel 2.0.35) on our lan.
Our proxy server is MS Proxy on an NT machine.

I can access the net eatily through Netscape with the browser's proxy configuration but also wish to use command line telnet, ftp and other network utilities. I am searching for a seamless solution.

I have the NT box set as my default gw in the linux routing table but it doen't do anything because the NT box is not only a gateway but a firewall.
the NT box is and the linux box is
If anyone can offer a seamless solution I will pay with many points.

Thanks in advance,
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marcelofrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't mention what NT firewalling/proxy capabilities, but:

1) you need a proxy server for EVERY service you want in your Linux AND a client (say the telnet command) that knows how to use the proxy


2) If your firewall supports it, configure Network Address Translation or Masquerading


3) Configure a SOCKS server (maybe there are some free implementations) and install socks clients in Linux. Almost everything will work...
Does MS Proxy Server even offer FTP and Telnet proxies?

raspAuthor Commented:
we have all of the required services enabled in our proxy server, telnet ftp, a few others, but these are the things that matter...
socks stuff
Free Tool: SSL Checker

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raspAuthor Commented:
are there socks clients available for Linux?
I will have to search around....
if so, it would probable help a lot.
Of course!!! you can find socks4 and socks5 at or

I use daily something like:

s5 telnet

Good Luck
raspAuthor Commented:
thanks a ton, I will try this Monday when I am back in the office and see what i can do about points ;>

raspAuthor Commented:
thanks, I d/l the socks5 stuff, if it doesn't work I'll get something simmilar now that i realize there are socks clients for linux... duh, why didn't i look for this b4 :>

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