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Trial system

robjgreen asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-03
Anybody got some sample code for a twenty day trial system?

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What do you mean? A program that will run for only 20 days since it's installation? How well protected should it be?


The user should not be able to stop it from expiring...
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Hi Mike,
   Well, that is actually what I had done already, simply stored it in the registry... but I'm going to test your DateValue idea before I accept the answer (low on points!)

Kind Regs,
Rob Green.
Sorry, I posted it to early. DateValue won't do it, but you can store it like Day*10+Month*500+Year*7000


Hi Mike,
   it seems to be working okay... I'll have to get a decent install program that can set these things up though.

Kind Regards,
Rob Green.


Mike, erm... well I used this code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim installdat, currentdate As Long
    frmUnReg.Picture = frmSplash.Picture
    installdate = GetSetting("Heatwave Creations", "PasswordSafe", "gg1", "")
    currentdate = DateValue(Date)
    difference = currentdate - installdate
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    If (20 - difference) > 0 Then
        frmPasswordSafe.Visible = True
        frmPasswordSafe.Enabled = False
        frmLogin.Visible = True
        Unload Me
    ElseIf (20 - difference) <= 0 Then
        MsgBox "Your Trial Has Expired"
        frmPreferences.Visible = True
        Unload Me
    End If
End Sub

But it doesnt work, it claims I have 40 days remaining!

Can you write me a code example please?

Kind Regards,
Rob Green.
Try something like:
Dim InstallDate as date
installdate = GetSetting("Heatwave Creations", "PasswordSafe", "gg1", "")

If DateDiff("m", Now, InstallDate)>20 then
End if


Its okay, I rewrote all the code and it works okay now...
Cant remember what was wrong... too noisy here to think.
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