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can't sustain modem connection

hyasmin asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
my new internal modem (hsp-modem, 33.6) can connect to my server but can't keep the connection longer than 3 minutes. i haven't even begun to open Internet Ex 4 when i get knocked off. i know it's not my telephone line or my server because each time i check on my old pc to see if server and tel line are bad, only to find out that both are fine. also when i try to download with IE 4 i get  a message that the site is forbidden on the server even sites like hotmail, nba, the most common sites. is this still part of the problem with my new modem??
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my pc works on 200 pentium, 32 Ram, Win 95 with USB, can anyone of these be causing the problem too??

Do you have the latest driver for your modem installed?
If so, for a test, you might try the standard Win95 driver for a 28K modem.


isn't installing the latest driver of my modem part of the installation process from the install disk?
does it matter where i insert the card for my modem?

The manufacturer may have a newer version of the driver available than the one that shipped with the modem.

You can insert the modem in any one of the available expansion slots in the PC.

You might find more info if they have a website.  What is the brand & model number?



This one is a generic HSP 33.6 fax modem. I see no brand name here.
you probably don't have the latest firmware version. go to manufacturer's website and see if they have a newer version. or call isp or contact manufacturer.


i checked the CD ROM install disk,,,the maker is Computer Associates International, Inc. it is dated 1998.


i went to Computer Associates web page but i don't think they are the manufacturer of the modem. the driver installation disk just included one of their software called Cheyenne Bitware,,,i am still in the dark as to how to make my modem work

Did you try installing the Win95 driver?
If that works okay, then we know the modem can operate properly, and we can try to find you a new driver.
Let me know if you need help with it.

......I meant the "standard Win95 28K driver"

> i get a message that the site is forbidden on the server

Do you have any "Net Nanny" or "Surf Watch" software installed?


dear otta,
i don't see any netnanny or its kind installed. i didn't install them. besides the first time i was able to connect i got through to these sites. the second day, all i got was a message that i'm forbidden.

Have you checked for any conflicts in Device Manager?
Is USB controller listed as a device there?

hysmin, go to your control panel, and click on the diagnostics tab, and click on the modem, and then click the more info button... it will have a bunch of commands, ATI1 - ATI7, list those responses here.. I think that would help a lot..

> The first time i was able to connect
> i got through to these sites.
> the second day,
> all i got was a message that i'm forbidden.

Have you configured your web-browser to use a "proxy-server"?
If so, temporarily turn it off, and try to access one
of those "forbidden" pages, and report your results.


dear rmarotta,
i've tried installing win95 driver,and i've been connected for about 30 mins now. i hope this holds already,,,
i've noticed though that when i open IE 4 i get knocked off from server. i'm using Netscape 3 at the moment and downloading an upgrade to Net Comm 4.05. i'll junk Explorer for good if i finish  the download.
i have another question though. since i installed win95 standard 28.8 driver and my modem is 33.6,,, will it still download at 33.6?
thank you.

Hard to say.
But I have seen a 56K modem use the standard driver and its download speed was double that of a 28.8 modem.
Here is a link with a suggested setting for an HSP modem:


DialUp Networking is controlling the modem for either browser, so I can't undrerstand why IE4 would give you such a problem.
There is an IE4 upgrade available for download at Microsoft if you don't have the newest one.  I'm very happy with it.

Let me know if you need more.

> i have another question though.
> since i installed win95 standard 28.8 driver
> and my modem is 33.6,,, will it still download at 33.6?

It depends!

If you have a "Win-modem", then the 28.8 software
will communicate at up to 28800, while the 33.6 software
will communicate at up to 33600.

Another requirement is that your ISP's modem
needs to support 33600 -- some only support 28800.

Also, note that your modem "negotiates" with the ISP's modem,
to derive a communication speed,
which may be *UP* *TO* 33600, on a "clean" connection.
It's more likely that you will have *SOME* "noise"
on your connection, which will reduce the speed to
either 31200 or 28800 or 26400 or 24000 or ....


dear ralph and otta,
i managed to stay online for about an hour before i got knocked off again,,,,
i will try the latest suggestions as soon as i get the time,,,,,,i am very grateful for your answers and help,,,


> i managed to stay online for about an hour
> before i got knocked off again,,,,

This sounds like a "hardware" problem,
rather than a "software" problem.

I think that you are encountering "line-noise"
on your telephone-company's wires, and your modem
is interpreting "line-noise" as a signal-loss.

If your (US Robotics?) modem supports it,
add the string:


to your modem-initialization string.
This sets the duration, in units of 0.01 seconds,
that DTR must be dropped so that the modem
doesn't interpret a random glitch as a DTR loss.
The default is '20', so try '200'.

One burst of "line-noise" per hour isn't much;
perhaps your modem is just very "sensitive".

Do you have "call-waiting" service?



dear otta,
i'm not sure how i will go about changing the modem initialization strings. my modem is not US Robotics either. it is a generic HSP. if you will show me how to do it, i will try your suggestion.
and my phone service has no call waiting feature.





i am still waiting for instructions on how to change the modem initialization strings.

i still can't sustain my connection. and there seems to be a new puzzle. the modem indicator says i am still connected but when i lift the phone all i get is a dial tone, not the usual noise i get when a modem is connected. i don't get the message that i'm disconnected already, but when i lift the receiver i've obviously been disconnected already.

can anybody help me??


Adjusted points to 250

Can you take the modem back?  it sounds to me like it is faulty,  since the computer does not report the connection loss.
A new modem will most likely solve your problem.  Also if you do get an new modem you may want to download TweakDUN or netlightning to futher help connection.  

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