Direct cable connection

Just got a new computer with win98,
got parallel cable (both ends male), hooked it up with my old computer (win95), I'm wanting to copy files from old to new, in control panel\Network\file & print sharing, both are checked. Made old the host and new the guest, when I try to connect from the new, it can't connect, tells me to make sure both cables are connected, they are
 both are connected to the LPT1, both computers will print,
so both ports work. The cable is brand new parallel DB25
male/male. How do I make this work?
Is there a free or shareware program that will do this better easier, what's it called?
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cmcgeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure that you have a common protocol setup as well in the network control panel.
I use IPX\SPX with Netbios myself.

Check the following link for a good troubleshooting guide for direct cable connections

Hope this helps,

   I believe there is a piece of software that will allow you to do this.  It is called Laplink.
wanda101797Author Commented:
How do I make a common protocol setup ?
You will need to make sure that each system has the same set of protocols. If you are using IPX on 1 , enable it on the other as well. Same with Tcp/ip

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