random number generation

How can I write a perl program to generate a random number between 1 and 6 and print it out. The condition is every time the program is executed,the random number should be different.(occasionally same is acceptable).  i have tried function rand() ,but it doesnot do the work.
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What was wrong with rand()?
The following works for me:

$x = 1 + int(rand(6));
print  "$x\n"
tianAuthor Commented:
every time you execute it, it will produce the same output.
What if you type
at the beginning of your script?
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If you upgrade to 5.004, the srand; at the beginning would be done for you automatically.
Before 5.004, srand; would still give you the same number if you execute the program twice in the same second.
srand($$+time); should alleviate that problem.
(although a truly random number would still give you the same number about one out of six times)
tianAuthor Commented:
Thanks all of you. But I think ozo's "srand($$+time); " is perfect solution.You want to submit it?  
you could also get a module (ReallyRandom, I think) from cpan, and use that for the seed)

Oh, I forgot.  If you need truly, heavy-duty random, you can always use http://lavarand.sgi.com

Way cool, man
5.004 seems a more perfect solution.
martinag's solution may be adequate if you don't run it too often.
srand($$+time); should suffice otherwise.
http://lavarand.sgi.com is indeed cool, but even slower than Math::TrulyRandom :-)

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