Win 98 does not start with external SCSI-devices connected to the Adaptec 2940.

When I start Win 98 with external SCSI-devices, like a scanner and an EZ-Drive, the system hangs up when Win 98
launches. The problem does not occur, when there is no
external cable connected to the scsi-host-adapter.
When I reboot without connected peripherals, windows corrects the registry and after a restart without a connected cable, everything works properly.
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htamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Show if SCSI Bios map the disk and the external device rigth when you boot your PC

2) If yes, you may have a interrupt (Change on your card) problem or win98 try to boot on the smallest number. You need to set your boot disk to position 0 or 1

3) Install dos SCSI driver and after WIN98 (Don't forgett to update your drivers (aspicam and..)
Do you have both internal and external devices attached to adaptec card?  Have you tryed going into ctrl a for scsi bios and disabling the onboard bios of the adaptec card.  A possible conflict in the bios memory range, see if this works.
Also there is a new driver available for your card found at
Please download and install this driver and see if this helps your cause.
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   Take a look at this document from MS.  It might help.

SCSI Setup & Basic SCSI Troubleshooting in Windows
Last reviewed: June 23, 1998
Article ID: Q133285

Also, take a look at their startup troubleshooter:
maybe u don't have your needed drivers installed or maybe win98 didn't come with them

I have a HP Scanner and a external SONY CDR with my Adaptec 2940 and Win98 works finely

DON'T Forgett the terminaisons

Sorry I don't speak english very well :-)
Instead of looking at all the driver files and such, first check your SCSI Ids and make sure they don't conflict. The drivers shouldn't really matter, your PC should boot up just fine with no drivers so there is probably a conflict with the SCSI IDs or you haven't terminated the last device properly.
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