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what it's for ?

plmokn asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-26
i'm an computer technician, my boss asked me to test something that i dont know what it is. that is a box like a hard disk remover. but just a differrent that put in the CD-ROM. the CD-ROM cable and power cable are supply in that box. then behind the box have one power port, one DB-25 male and one DB-25 female ports. there is a words under that ports. "To Printer" under the DB-25 female port and "To Computer" under the DB-25 male port. now my problem is what is this hardware for ? how it's function and how it's connected ? PLEASE HELP...FAST..ANY HELP WILL BE APPROACIATE !
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Sounds like a parallel port cd-rom. You probably need a setup disk for the computer to find and install it. See if there is a manufacturer on it and look at their homepage or look them up on the net
Is there an FCC number on it anywhere?

Yeah an external parrellel port CD-rom would be my first guess to, you connect it using an parallel-poort extention lead (with an DB-25 male on one side and DB-25 female on the other and 1 to 1 connected) and connect it in serial to your printer, in other words, connect the extention lead to your computer's printer port, connect the other end to where it says 'to computer' and connect your printer-cable to where it says 'to printer'.
Your computer must probebly have an Extended printer port (EPP or something) to let it work.

Good luck, Bluemoon

This could also be an external ZIP drive (does it say Iomega anywhere on it?) or an external tape backup device.

What size is the slot?

Best regards,

It could also be an external  portable hard drive. If there are no eject button to take out a cdrom, zip tape, or etc., it most likely is a hard drive.


bluemoon you are right...please put your comment to answer...i'm like to give you a good grade..

Do you know from what compay????
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yes..i got it..

Glad to be of service, and thanks for your grade :-)  Bluemoon
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